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Fee-fi-fo-fum! Some LUSH customers have discovered something surprising cropping up in their drains after using their LUSH Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar in the shower! The solid lotion bar contains shea butter, cinnamon leaf oil, and aduki beans.  They claim that, after using the bar in the shower, beans fall out and down the drain and... Well, grow into plants!

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Here’s the kicker, ladies & germinators: the LUSH website explicitly informs customers to keep their Wiccy Magic bars “somewhere cool, dry, and out of direct sunlight.” Which means NOT in your damp, warm shower!  Probably because, uh, THIS might happen:

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I’m not pointing any fingers, guys, but this thing isn’t meant to be used in the shower! Therefore, your drain gardens aren’t entirely LUSH’s fault, unlike the time your bath was covered in a ring of gold glitter that made it look like King Midas took a whiz in your shower (yes, a peeing-in-the-shower joke!). This falls under the realm of “customer error,” like the time you dropped your phone in the bath while trying to get that perrrrfect Instagram of how the Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb makes it look like you’re bathing in blood (yes it does).

The company, who source their fresh ingredients ethically, shun animal testing, and donate to a number of charities, is taking this silliness quite in stride.  Anna Heavens, LUSH Australia’s Product and Brand Trainer told, “Every now and then we do see our customers using our products in ways that are different to the intended use, and we can often see some pretty interesting results. This story highlights how fresh the ingredients we put into our products truly are.”

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