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How does a custody battle become so polarizing? Two women had children through donor insemination in Georgia. Nothing particularly riveting or shocking. The couple breaks up. Tragic, but it happens. The non-biological mother seeks visitation of her children in Alabama, which is denied by the court. Why? According to the court, Georgia should have never granted the mother adoption privileges in the first place. What do you do when you face sexuality based discrimination? You join forces with the National Center for Lesbian Rights and make history.

The Supreme Court closed the case today, reversing the Alabama Supreme Court decision to deny the non-biological mother visitation in the case of E.L v V.L. Good for you, Supreme Court, glad you can decide on something! Shame on you, Alabama. The Alabama decision broke one hundred years of precedence that honored court decisions in other states. Alabama's blatant prejudice against same-sex lifestyles is unacceptable. There is no amount of reparations that could return the time lost between a mother and her children. However, thanks to the Supreme Court, there is now the validation under the rule of the law that intolerance will not be accepted.

Today we are on the right side of justice, as more steps are taken to surmount inequalities. The Supreme Court decision marks a cultural shift that has been happening over the past couple of decades. Qualities of humanitarianism shape policy. Activists and advocates, be proud. While the decision isn't as landmark as Obergefell v. Hodges, it indicates that in spite of a tumultuous politcal system, there will be consistency. Legalized discrimination can and will be ended. The future can be a better world for a more visibly queer population.

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