For Dana Falsetti, yoga is not a way to get to get a great bod, it was the practice through which she learned to love the bod she’s got. Falsetti struggled with her weight since she was ten, but never found a permanent solution. She has bouts of weight loss, followed by binging— a cycle that was not only physically inhealth but mentally as well. She writes on her website, “My physical body changed, but my body changes every single day and always will. I was still me, I brought myself and all of my habits and tendencies and fears with me to my 'new' body. “



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Yoga was somewhat of a last resort for Falsetti and at first she hated it. “I walked in having the largest body in the room on top of being the beginner, and yoga was hard. I couldn't hold down dog for 5 breaths, my shoulders were on fire, and all the while other people in the room were popping up into optional headstands like it was no big deal. I remember thinking that would never and could never be me. I thought my body would limit my practice, but eventually I learned that only my mind sets limits,” Falsetti writes.

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Since the she has become a body-positive force of nature in the yoga world. She encourages everyone to remember that yoga is for everyone and the only thing holding you back is your own fears and anxieties.

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