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Do you like emojis, but wish they were more macabre? If you answered yes, you’ll love the Goth Emoji app.

Goth Emoji is available for iOS. It’s easy to install. Once you shell out 99 cents, you’ll have access to five pages of all-black goth emojis, such as coffins, skulls, and a pack of cigarettes. The emojis are the size of stickers, and like all third-party emojis, you have to copy and pastes them into your texts. The app could use some improvements: all of the emojis are slightly blurry.

I tried to send some goth emojis to my coworker, but she wasn’t feeling it.

IMG 3237

You can use these in texts, Facebook messages, and the Notes app. However, you can’t use them on Instagram and Twitter or in Facebook posts. Notable emojis include David Bowie and Wednesday Addams.


Use them to text the gaunt, greasy-haired warlock in your life.

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Images Via Goth Emoji, Madeline Raynor


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