If anyone should ever need another reason to love Cher, just wait until this next sentence. In the wake of the atrocious water crisis in Flint, Michigan, Cher has been one of the biggest voices relentlessly trying to bring attention to the problem. Her colorful tweets have taken a backseat in order to call out the government of Flint and express support to the residents, written in all caps lock and emojis so you know she means business.

The singer has been tweeting nonstop almost every day since the crisis became public, and if that wasn't enough, she has just sent 200,000 water bottles to the residents of Flint. What is she supposed to do? Sit around and wait for the government to make a move? Well she can't do that.


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Cher isn't the only one reaching out to Flint: other celebrities like Mark Ruffalo, Sandra Bernhard, and Erin Brockovich have all expressed deep concern and support. Cher may have a sweet spot for Michigan, due to the fact that it was Sonny Bono's home state. 

I've you've ever wanted to be more like Cher, now is your time: you can donate water to Flint too. Donate money to The United Way of Genesee County, which will be used to buy filters, bottled water, and more.

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Top image: Cher/Instagram

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