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Want to make sure your baby pops out with good taste in music? Want to make sure she's born knowing all the words to "Hotline Bling"? Want to entertain her with episodes of Serial?

Well, now you can. There's a new device on the market, called Babypod. Just pop it in  your vajajay, connect to your iPhone, and play away! (Hopefully, you won't get any phone calls during this time).


It's true: playing music for your fetus is a thing now, and with some valid reasons. According to numerous studies, when you play music to your unborn baby in the womb, her heart rate may increase and she may move more. Shortly after birth, she may recognize the music you played for her and respond to those particular pieces of music by becoming more alert. It may even soothe her. One study actually found that the music that mothers-to-be played to relax also soothed their newborns. This means that babies may associate their experiences in the womb with whatever their mother is feeling at the time, which is pretty cool. There are all sorts of devices to let you do this, but they all usually just go on the belly, which gives your fetus only offer the fetus a muffled version of the music being played because of interference by abdominal walls.

Not so with Babypod. Developed by a Spanish gynecology clinic called Institut Marquès, Babypod circumvents the abdomen by letting you stick it straight up your vagina.


According to Babypod’s site, “Music activates language and communication stimulation centres, inducing a response of vocal movements....With Babypod, babies begin to vocalize from the womb.” Babypod also allows you to speak directly to your fetus, which I think is probably the coolest feature. One of my concerns about this product was what if it’s too loud for the fetus? Well apparently Babypod stays controlled at 54 decibels, which is equivalent to talking in a hushed tone.

Also mothers-to-be might find this appealing: “Babypod comes in a sleek case that resembles one you would use for eyeglasses, as well as a small carry bag.” That’s definitely important to me in a vagina speaker. Oh also after Babypod was invented, Spanish singer Soraya Arenas put on a special christmas concert for fetuses, which you can check out here.

Despite my mocking, I actually do think this is a pretty cool invention, but I'm curious if women would really be more likely to use this product as opposed to just strapping some headphones to their bellies. Is the less-muffled sound worth it? Also how much less muffled could it be and how much does the fetus care about sound quality? It seems unnecessary to stick the thing up your vag just to get a clearer sound but then again, if you’re pregnant you better get used to some stuff coming in and out of there (I mean presumably you already are if you’re with child but you know what I mean). In fact, I might try it someday, but only if I could hook it up to Netflix and have my fetus listen to 30 Rock reruns. That relaxes me way more than a Spanish woman singing christmas carols, but that's just me. Would you try it?


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