BUST 6th annual Craftacular (Sat, Sept 26th - Sun, Sept 27th) presents Rogue Making, a company that combines sewing and electronics to bring you wearable technology, and the best part, they teach you how to make it!

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All day Saturday, Tenaya Hurst of Rogue Making will be helping our STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) girls make rad &wearable LED jewelry!The people at Rogue Making understand the importance of mixing education and fun with "electrical maker projects that get hands on with engineering and art." 


 Rogue Making will not only be making an appearance at booth #198 at the BUST Craftacular, but they will be providing demonstrations of their workshops and products. The workshops they have available include Sewing with Electronics, Soldering, and Programming. It's a great way to become a little brighter this holiday season. 

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