You’ve probably saved your texts from your ex. Or maybe you kept a screencap of the last message you got from a dearly departed loved one. The Tumblr “The Last Message Received” is dedicated to collecting and posting those last messages for its readers.

The blog runs on anonymous submissions of “last messages people received from ex-friends or ex-significant others, as well as from deceased friends, significant others, and relatives.” Some may find it cathartic to submit, or to look through other people’s submissions.


The New York Times talked to the 15-year-old founder Emily Trunko, who has also had success with another Tumblr: “Dear My Blank,” a collection of user-submitted anonymous letters. It’s sort of like Post Secret, which I used to check religiously every Sunday, except since Trunko is 15, she hasn’t heard of Post Secret. Do you feel old yet?

This girl is an expert on finding online communities for people’s secrets and mournful missives. She has a book deal for “Dear My Blank.”

If you want a window into the grief and heartbreak of real people, scroll through the Facebook posts, texts, and WhatsApp messages. But if it gets too real, be sure to cool down with a puppy video. 



Images Via The Last Message Received

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