As far as I’m concerned, the 90s are still alive. Need proof? Just look at The Golden Girls fandom, still generating some of the most hilarious memes of our time. And who can blame them? The Golden Girls was an insta-hit in its heyday, nabbing eleven Emmy Awards and four Golden Globes in just seven seasons.

Which means you probably have at least one GG die-hard in your life. And with holiday season coming up, remembering that shit becomes kinda important. In fact, I’m going to go ahead and call this a universal truth: generic gifts suck –  gifts unique to the recipient’s interests and preferences rule.


So if you’re still scrambling to find the perfect prezzie, fear not! I am a Jew who loves to play Santa, and I am here to help. Now fasten your seatbelts, slut puppies. If these little wonders don’t fill your gifting void, nothing will. 

1. This sweatshirt! Or, for something more seasonal, I recommend this sweatshirt, because who doesn’t want something comfy to wear to all their holiday parties.


2. This Golden Girls LEGO set.  Nuff said. 


3. Andy Warhol-esque pop-art prints of every character, why not?


4. These prayer candles are genius. 


5. A set of cool-ass pin badges. This other set is great, too.


6. If you crochet, make someone these ADORABLE dolls


7. If you don’t crochet, give someone a framed cross-stich for their wall! I like this one, too. 


8. A Stay Golden Tote


9. We all need one of these t-shirts, fam. 

10. This umbrella will repel rain with the sheer force of cuteness. This Etsy seller also does a makeup bag  in the same print. 

11. A new iPhone case 

12. A set of hand-painted wine glasses – cheers! 

13. And lastly, if your budget can sustain it, go HAM and buy this miniature Richmond Street playhouse

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