Belinda Carlisle was right: heaven is a place on earth. That place is Ōkunoshima, Japan. What’s so special about it, you ask? Take a seat and prepare yourself. It’s an island whose main inhabitants are… bunnies. 

Image via The Dodo

To visit, you can take a quick ferry ride from the mainland of Tadanoumi. The fluff balls are wild, but reportedly friendly.  Their two favorite activities are being pet and eating so pellets, veggies, and a willingness to snuggle are recommended.  

Image via In Otter News

No one is sure how the bunz ended up there. The island was used as a secret poison factory for Japan in WWII. Some say the rabbits were brought to the island as test subjects for the effects of poison. Another (happier) theory is that children brought bunnies with them on a school trip. Either way, they bred like wildfire.

Image via Reddit

Ōkunoshima isn’t the only place inhabited by cute beings. Japan is home to a fox village and a cat island as well. There’s also a piggy island in The Bahamas and a horse island in Virginia. The only downside to visiting any of these places is that you can’t take all of animals home. For a taste of what your visit to Ōkunoshima will be like, here's video of the luckiest man in the world being smothered by bunnies: 



Video via mybbbunny on YouTube

Top image via: Tails Of Wonder


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