I was a Girl Scout for seven years. I loved earning badges and supporting my community through various projects. I wouldn’t say I was the best Girl Scout—my fellow Troop members and I may or may not have threatened to tie up our Troop Leader while trying to earn our crocheting badge—but there are many things I learned that I still apply to everyday life. One lesson I learned was to speak out for what I  believe in. So it warms my heart to see the Girl Scouts of the United States of America speaking out for what they believe in and not only fully supporting transgender girls, but rejecting large donations from transphobic donors.

An anonymous donor tried to give 100,000 dollars to the Girl Scouts of Western Washington, on the condition that the money would not be used to support any transgender girls. The Troop could have that money to send girls to camp, fund bigger projects, and give financial support to girls in need. The donation would have made up “almost a third of our entire financial assistance program for this year,” according to council CEO Megan Ferland. However, the Girl Scouts of Western Washington took the high road and rejected the donation.


The Girl Scouts say that the “community stronger is stronger because we are inclusive.” Girl Scouts want to give every girl the opportunity to be her truest self. This is such a major step for an organization like the Girl Scouts. 

Girl Scouts of Western Washington has set up an Indigogo campaign, Girl Scouts is #ForEVERYGirl, to help raise money to give more girls the opportunity to be Girl Scouts. It’s important to support groups like this, as many school still are not safe places for transgender kids to express themselves. Girl Scouts will give them that outlet and allow girls to flourish. 


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