Care package delivery service Hello Flo is slowly winning the advertising game, and our hearts, one commercial at a time. Aside from providing menstruating women with all of their period essentials- think tampons, pads, organizing pouch, plus surprise goodies- they have a refreshingly candid approach towards marketing their niche products and services. There's no mysterious blue liquid poured into a back lit pantyliner in these ads, but rather frank and funny commentary from real girls who are not ashamed to actually say the words "period" or "vagina". Even better, they create their own unique vocabulary to talk about their time of the month, including "vagical" "she-ro" and the increasingly popular "va-jay-jay". The newest video introduces the "her-story" of the period fairy, and features her relationship to the tooth fairy, the department of mythical creatures, and even Santa Claus. She, and the company, are encouraging more open communication about a woman's cycle, and we couldn't be more grateful that they have inserted a bit of humor into the process as well. Check out the video below and celebrate the bond with your fellow blood sisters!



image and video c/o: Helloflo

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