It's official. We've labeled the people at the Dr. Bronner's company the nicest human beings in the world.

Not only are they sponsoring BUST Craftacular's Primped 2015, but they're sponsoring the goodie bags, too! Today we received a super generous shipment filled with all kinds of wonderful: lotions, toothpaste, you name it. We've got it. One of the boxes contained products  we will be using for our hand-massage station (p.s. this involves a hot poet giving you a phalanges  rub down).


The greatest part about Dr. Bronner's products is that they're all fair trade, they're all USDA organic, and they're also all-one. Legit. A group of friends and I took one giant bottle of Dr. Broner's on a four week camping trip. It lasted us through showers, dish cleaning, and I'm pretty sure one of us brushed our teeth with it. So thank you for that, Dr. B.


 From lavender to coconut; soap to body lotion Dr. Bronner's has your back. We couldn't be more ready to dish out some big primpin'. 

Images c/o Madison Nunes