New York City’s Transportation Hub at the World Trade Center will be going through renovations to install glass ceiling panels, allowing the sunlight to come through and shine down upon commuters and the NJ/NY PATH train. The 35,000 square feet of glass panels will be installed around the concrete ‘ribs’ that Spanish neofuturist architect, Santiago Calatrava constructed.

The building’s structure with this new installment is said to look like a crouching stegosaurus or a bird (you know, the mutant variety) in flight. Fully equipped with 400,000 square feet that includes shops and dining experiences as well as the Oculus, not like the creepy movie, but the free flowing open air section under the ceiling.


And the cost of this animalistic looking colosseum? 3.95 billion dollars, 2.9 billion of which is coming from the Federal Transit Admission funds according to the Port Authority. 

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