It is about to get a whole lot warmer up in Alaska now that you can legally light up. As of today, the northernmost state has become the third in the US to legalize recreational marijuana use.


A ballot was passed by voters and became official this Tuesday: marijuana is now legal for usage by adults 21 years old and above.

There are still limits according to the legislation posted on the state website.  It is still illegal to carry more than one ounce of marijuana on your person or harvest more than four ounces in your home.


Smoking marijuana in public or driving while high are still going to be penalized. Federal law still supersedes state's, so traveling with it outside of Alaska will be considered a federal crime with a Schedule 1 narcotic.

Colorado and Washington have already legalized recreational marijuana, with a number of female entrepreneurs dominating the industry, and 23 other states, as well as Washington D.C., possess decriminalized medical use. Alaska marks the first red state to approve a measure for legalized weed, in what is sure to be a strong push for other non-liberal areas to follow suit. One thing's for sure, the landscape of recreational marijuana use is changing, and with major elections coming up, we are sure to see more discussions about the future of state and federal legalization. 


Image c/o Marijuana Policy Project via Twitter

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