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images-1Managing Editor of BUST, Emily Rems, was asked to speak on yesterday’s edition of Soundcheck radio show, on NPR affiliate WNYC, about Led Zeppelin’s epically infamous “Stairway to Heaven.” She was joined by die-hard metal fan and blogger Phil Freeman in debating the worth and significance of this classic and “timeless” hit. Despite being a long-time appreciator of the band, Rems is on point as usual in remarking on the song’s main function as an adolescent dance request chosen, above all else, for its length, allowing youngsters to spend as much time as possible swaying in unison while pressed up against one another. She also doesn’t fail to bring up the comical burden of attempting to dance through the entire song without looking like a “jerk.” The clip is pretty funny if only to listen to these die hard dude classic rock fans chiming in with their dutiful pledges to all that is holy and rawk. Thankfully, Rems is there to provide us with some much needed perspective on what the “dude rock czars of the century” really had on their minds, and as you can imagine, it wasn’t so lady-friendly. Take a listen and let us know your thoughts on the ballad of the junior high boner.


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Photo source: www.badassbadger.tumblr.com, www.ropeadope.com

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