Veiling--What Would Lady Gaga Do? - BUST

It’s official—the French government is run by a douchebag. This week, Nicholas Sarkozy sent legislation off to parliament intending to impose a $185 fine on women who wear a full-face Islamic veil. Has he forgotten who started the whole cover your head thing?  Let's review.

(Photo by André Durst for Vogue, November 1938)

Getting women to cover their heads started long before the Muslims came along. Sarkozy is of Catholic and Jewish descent. The most popular type of veil is made of French netting. Are you sensing a theme? Looks like Nicky is a self-hating douchebag. The man needs some love. Some self love. Let’s show him our support by bringing back the iconic French fashion statement.

Lady Gaga is already down with it.


And good ol' Michael Jackson showed us how it was done long ago.

 So if you see Nicholas Sarkozy, help him out with a little self-hypnosis mantra. He should sit in front of a mirror and remind himself that he's good enough, he's smart enough and gosh darnet, people like him. Oh wait, maybe this won't work...