RIP Wedding Ring, Hello Single Ring! - BUST

(Above: Photo courtesy of Ms. Taken, a jewelry company that sells fake but real-looking engagement ring to ward off unwanted suitors or make grandma happy.)

Feeling super bitter, or super symbolic, about the end of your marriage? The wedding ring coffin is a perfect way to bury your feelings, or “bury the past and move on to a new tomorrow” as the website advertises. After that you’ll need a new kind of ring to let everyone know that you’re single and ready to mingle!

A recent New York Times article uncovers a new market for jewelry: single ladies.  Diamond rings aren’t just for engaged women anymore. Single and looking ladies (and men) have bought into these “Single Rings” which are worn frequently on the left ring finger, right ring finger, or left pinky depending on which jewelry company you go by. Whatever happened to the good old claddagh ring, which usually isn’t confused with single/engagement/divorced/wedding rings?

Buying yourself a diamond and not “waiting for a man” to can feel empowering according to some of the investors quoted in the article, but could we just be suckers for bling or buying into consumerism? Or how about, why can’t women buy their own jewelry without having to be marked as “available and happy”/single/divorced/re-invented/old maid?

One cool thing that did come out of this article was the advertisement for a same-sex couple jewelry company. Seeing as how most jewelry companies aim their rings at hetero couples, LoveandPride.com’s commitment rings have found a big market which will (hopefully) continue to grow.

In case you haven't had enough jewelry bashing, here's the brilliant Sarah Haskins on why jewelry isn't her best friend: