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Mazantri Creations has figured out how to make the brassiere more practical for the modern woman.

Introducing The Cleavage Caddy--an insert that you put in your bra which allows you to (discreetly) carry all your personal items. 

Not only is it made to fit women of “all shapes and sizes” and come in three colors (white, black and beige), but it has a lace accent to cover your cleavage and spruce up your attire.  

And all for the low, low price of $29.95!

Ok, so I actually think this is a pretty brilliant invention. While the only things ever stashed in my bra are beer money and food crumbs, this certainly seems like a better alternative to carrying a purse 24-7. 

It doesn’t state on the Web site exactly how much stuff you can stash in the caddy, but it does say “your keys, credit cards, lipstick and more!” 

Keys, really? I can understand putting one lone key in your ta-tas, but plural? In the picture there’s even a cell phone shoved in that bad boy.

Come to think of it, I don’t think I need any additional bulges protruding from my chest--my ladies attract too enough attention as it is. 


I’m curious, do you store any random objects in your cleavage? If so, please do feel free to share below. 


[Image: TheCleavageCaddy.com]

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