Surfer Blood is all like, 'Let's take it easy.' - BUST

Surfer Blood's debut album, Astro Coast, was released by Kanine on the 19th, but all the kids have been worked up about them for months. We ran out of room to include a review in our FEB/MAR issue, so HERE IT IS, written with love by our Portland based writer, Elisabeth Wilson. 

There are at least two kinds of people who should love Surfer Blood’s debut Astro Coast: people who love '60s hand clappy surf-pop and people who love that '90s indie rock you wanna sing along to while driving at night. The standout track, “Twin Peaks,” with intermittent falsetto vocals and a super catchy melody, sounds almost like a distorted throwback to the Zombies’ B-sides. The crisp, clean guitar work on “Harmonix” feels good, tender in parts, and dreamy when it builds. Strong and emotional, the vocals are one of the band’s best qualities. “Take It Easy” has the ecstatic sing-along feel of a boy in love. The guitars on this track sound like running and holding hands, as he sings in his sweet falsetto, “Dizzy with anticipation/When can I see you again?” The drums echo his sentiment—they are absolutely giddy. There is maybe more rock here than surf or pop, but I imagine this CD as the perfect soundtrack for Spring Break, Palm Beach.

[Elisabeth Wilson] 

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