40 Days for Life? Try 4000 Years for Choice! - BUST

4000 Years for Choice, a new campaign created by designer/artist/activist Heather Ault, sends beautifully designed postcards exhibiting facts about ancient forms of contraception and abortion to women's health clinics across the country on a weekly basis.  A direct response to anti-choice groups such as 40 Days for Life who spread horrific anti-abortion messages to the same clinics, 4000 Years for Choice dispels the common notion that abortion and contraceptive rights began with the twentieth century women's liberation movement and sheds light on these practices' ancient past.  Check out 4000YearsForChoice.com to see all of the designs, which are also available printed on postcards and posters at the campaign's Etsy Shop.

Image courtesy of 4000YearsForChoice.com

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