I Wear My Heart with a Lobster Clasp - BUST

For the past couple months, I have lived and breathed the BUST Holiday Craftacular.  Helping our fearless leader, the adorable-blue-eyed-badass to my left, with vendor maps, spreadsheets, and everything she needs. During the back-end process, I came across many-a-crafter.  BUT I must say, one of the crafters I am most excited about is Lillian Crowe (table 127).  Her beautiful, brass bone and gut necklaces are my dream come true.  Not to get too deep on ya, but I am a published poet. my writing tends to focus on things like piss, ribs, snot, sweat and cuticles and feet bones and calluses.  the good stuff.  as they say in the culinary world, "the awful."

The heart is a hollow muscle.  There is something about the heart, about the reverent way it squirms and convulses that is just amazing.  Like the lovechild of a worm, a fetus, and a humming bird. How can something so durable be so delicate and be so vital?

I want that around my neck.  No, seriously, I want an anatomically correct heart around my neck.  To me, there is nothing cooler than our insides.  Except the appendix which is just gross.

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