He Is Neda, Too - BUST

I'll be honest, despite some positive reactions, I didn't get any photos sent to me for the I Am Neda project I wrote about a few weeks ago like I had hoped. I had all but given up on the idea when I checked my email late last Friday night to see I had finally gotten a response. Yes, the only photo I was sent was from a soldier stationed in Iraq. I was completely moved by his response and couldn't have asked for a more powerful outcome. I thought it was important to share so, with his permission, here is his photo and letter. -Celeste

 I am neda, soldier.JPGi hope it's not too late.

i am a soldier in the us army. i am currently in iraq, but was home on
leave in the states when this incident occurred. i couldn't even watch
the whole video without cringing at first. it made me weep in the hotel
room i was sharing with my girlfriend in dallas.

she sent me the link to this article and i wanted to make a shirt right
away. unfortunately it's taken me some time to get it done. i don't know
if it's too late to be posted, or if you got enough pictures for your
purpose, but just in case i wanted to contribute.

i know i don't represent much of the people i serve with, and that
saddens me. it's hard for me to relate to many of these people. but even
in the military there are those of us that see what is happening in the
world, and we are also appalled. i'm only one country away from iran,
and there's still so little i can do. for what it's worth, i hope this
helps, somehow.

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