Introduction to Erotic Hypnosis with Devin Person The Wizard

Introduction to Erotic Hypnosis with Devin Person The Wizard

If you’ve ever felt your mind wander, fallen asleep, or lost track of time while *ahem* enjoying yourself, congratulations, you’ve already experienced trance! Now, discover all the erotic possibilities hypnotic trance has to offer. From on-demand orgasms to rich sensory fantasies, erotic hypnosis allows a willing mind to do any number of incredible, sexual feats. Best of all, hypnosis pairs with any type of sexual play, so whatever your pleasure, there’s a way to hypnotically enhance it.

This introductory workshop covers the basics of consent-based erotic hypnosis, including scene negotiation, quick and effective inductions, and a dazzling variety of sexy suggestions. Perfect for beginners, anyone interested in hypnotizing, being hypnotized, or both. 

Devin Person is a 21st-century wizard who mixes practical magic and irreverent humor to blaze a trail towards a slightly better tomorrow. A dedicated dabbler, Person's occult fascinations span eastern philosophy, Jungian psychology, modern hypnosis, personal growth, time management, and ritual magic. Although he's aware that he should use this space to list his many accomplishments, I hate writing these things in the third person so I'd just like to say, "Please come to my lectures and workshops. I'll be dressed as a wizard so, at the very least, you can get a good wizard selfie!"




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