Public Speaking with the Engaging Educator

Public Speaking with the Engaging Educator

People fall in one of three categories: they hate public speaking and avoid it, they feel ok about public speaking and don’t seek it out, they like public speaking and want to get better. What category are you in? In a recent study, people feared public speaking behind one thing: reptiles.

Yep. Reptiles.

We’re taking that fear in this class and following it in a supportive, all women environment. Women face different challenges in the public speaking realm than men, and if you are working on being a dynamic speaker, getting rid of fear and anxiety, trying not to focus on flushing or a shaking voice, this class is for you. Welcoming all levels of speakers, we’ll focus in on HOW we say what we’re going to say, pivoting to reach an audience, creating a personalized warm-up before stressful speaking situations and buffing up those muscles required to be an effective and confident speaker in prepared presentation and impromptu moments. You’ll leave with a greater understanding of your speaking strengths and weaknesses, as well as a plan for further development. Women are invited (not required!) to bring a 90-second – 2-minute presentation they are working on to workshop in class, and everyone receives individualized feedback from our facilitators.



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