Meditation Movement with Jen Dulong

Meditation Movement with Jen Dulong

It’s time to get up and start moving! Movement meditation is ideal for those who wish to calm their mind but grow restless sitting still. By focusing on the movement of our bodies, we encourage the mind to grow quiet. It all boils down to presence.  Movement meditation is commonly practiced through activities such as walking, Tai Chi, yoga, etc. In this class, we will explore movement through hula hooping. Hula hoops are fun and accessible to everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are new to meditation, hooping, or both. This isn’t about being able to do all the fancy tricks. We will instead focus on motions, big and small, to help hone our attention and inclusive awareness.  

About Jen:

Jen Dulong is a professional hooper of 11 years. She began touring with a musician named Jeff Bujak in 2011. The combination of Jen, her LED smart hoop by Astral Hoops, and Jeff quickly became known as the  audio/visual act Bujak Live.

"When I hoop, I feel like I’m painting music with lights. Hooping has been used as a form of meditation for me. It brings me to another plane where my body and mind are connected, a “flow” state, and I'm able to interpret the sounds around me through movement."




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