Copper Jewelry Making with Bewitched Boneyard

Copper Jewelry Making with Bewitched Boneyard

In the Copper Wire Wrapping 101 class you will explore different methods of wire wrapping objects such as beads, miniature toys, marbles and glass balls. The materials will be provided so you are able to learn what to use and how to use it for your future crafting projects. With wire wrapping, you are able to create wall hanging art, jewelry such as necklaces and rings and also other neat ideas like wire wrapping candle holders to give them a shabby chic look. 

About Maheen:

Maheen Lemon is a feminist witch and entrepreneur based in NYC with knowledge in metaphysical work and crafting with crystals and candles. She is the owner of Bewitched Boneyard which encompasses magic and witchcraft through talismans and dark regalia for modern practitioners




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