Incense Making 101 with Bewitched Boneyard

Incense Making 101 with Bewitched Boneyard

Incense is used for many purposes but mainly for cleansing a room with beautiful scents that the earth provides such as myrrh and sandalwood. In ancient times, incense was gifted quite often and was used for rituals and for blessings. In the modern world, we still use incense and you will often find them at metaphysical shops and meditation centers. In the Incense Making class, we will be doing the very most simple and basic method of creating your own scented sticks. This involves using blank incense sticks that are already hand-rolled and using our hands to submerge and dust each stick gently with beautiful essential oils of your choice. For the sake of keeping the class easy, there will be no hand-rolling taught as this involves a lot more time and materials. With this quick and easy way of making incense, you will be able to make uniquely scented Christmas gifts for family and friends.


About the teacher:

Maheen Lemon is a feminist witch and entrepreneur based in NYC with knowledge in metaphysical work and crafting with crystals and candles. She is the owner of Bewitched Boneyard which encompasses magic and witchcraft through talismans and dark regalia for modern practitioners