Past Life Regression with Trish Burger

Past Life Regression with Trish Burger

Ready to remember who you were in a past life? Are you drawn to a specific time in history and want to explore that further?  Find out more about yourself and better your current life by journeying to a past life you have lived during this past life regression experience  In this workshop we will be using the Dolores Cannon method of guided regression. You will have a chance to see and experience who you were in a past life. It is possible to then understand the lessons, challenges and purpose of your past life. Patterns repeat in lifetimes until you learn the lessons and transcend the issue.  Incorporating the new information of who you were in your past life can add clarity to the current life you are living. This is accomplished during the group regression by using simple visualization and imagery techniques. The group is regressed back in time to see one of their past lives using light hypnosis. You will be able to see important days in that lifetime and also remember if you have lived with people from your current life before.  It is also possible for us to add in healing of any trauma or stress you experienced in that lifetime thus freeing you in this life 

This class uses light hypnosis. I find clients who meditate regularly go deeper and have more detailed journeys.  A meditation practice is not a prerequisite but can be helpful. Try meditating for 10 minutes a day for a few days before the class for the best experience. 

All attendees are gifted 20% of a private 3 hour past life regression with healing from your higher self. During a personal past life regression in the somnambulistic brainwave state, you experience a past life in detail and I also access your higher self to receive answers to all of your questions and you then self-heal yourself of physical and emotional issues. 

Bring a pen and paper to write down what you have seen and we will have a group discussion after. Please contact me with any questions before or after the class.

About Trish:

Trish Burger is a professional Quantum Healing Hypnotherapist living in New York City. She specializes in helping people remember and then return to their true Divine selves. A psychic empath who has healed herself and countless others of psychological suffering, including negative thought patterns and beyond. Trish believes that helping even one person helps all of us. Seeing humanity as one, Trish strives to raise the vibratory levels of all of us through focused, caring work with each individual client. In her spare time, she brings her nurturing energy further down to earth through crystal jewelry creation, urban gardening and taking care of three magical rescue cats.




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