Dalloway Chocolate

Dalloway Chocolate


We’re a bean-to-bar craft chocolate company based out of Brooklyn, NYC.

After meeting at a bar in 2013 and falling in love, we set out to start a business around a shared passion: chocolate. We believe cacao has the ability to encourage passion and ignite love.

What makes our company and our chocolate different? A few things. The first, we’re not only partners in business, but also partners in life. We take pride in the fact that we are the first (and hopefully not the last) bean-to-bar chocolate company owned and operated by not only queer women, but also a couple.

Second, beyond making amazingly delicious, fairtrade and organic chocolate, our company has a unique mission: to build love and community with chocolate. We want a bar of our chocolate to be the beginning of a conversation, relationship or community - urging a group of people to sit down over a shared passion (chocolate or not) and appreciate a single experience.




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