How To Negotiate Like A Badass Babe: What you need to know to make more $$$ in your next job with Alison Taffel Rabinowitz

How To Negotiate Like A Badass Babe: What you need to know to make more $$$ in your next job with Alison Taffel Rabinowitz


As queen Beyoncé says, “Your best revenge is your paper!”

You have two choices: you can spend less or you can earn more. Spending less sucks, so this class talks all about how to make more money and finally be paid what you deserve.  You get what you ask for in life and I give you all the scripts of what to say. Because when you ask for a raise, you're not just helping yourself — you're also acting on behalf of other women by helping close the gender pay gap. If you’re a top performing woman* who feels undervalued at their current job and wants to move on and move up, this class is for you. With this class experience and some basic prep, you could earn $5,000 to $25,000 or more in a simple 10 minute conversation.

This special class, custom-developed for the BUST School for Creative Living, is a mini-version of her best-selling workshop, “Be the Beyoncé of Your Career, a 3-hour intensive focused on negotiation and the gender pay gap, which has resulted over $500,000+ in raises for ambitious, professional women in New York City.

* The Finishing School classes are designed for significantly female-identified people. However, we have an inclusive definition of “woman” and “female” and happily welcome trans women, genderqueer women, and non-binary people who are significantly female-identified.

Taught by: Alison Taffel Rabinowitz, Founder of The Finishing School

Alison Taffel Rabinowitz is a writer, edu-preneur and founder of “The Finishing School,” an educational consulting company focused on teaching everything we didn’t learn as in school, but need to survive and thrive in the modern workforce. In her classes, she teaches her new rules for disrupting decades of behavior that have held women back. Alison’s educational philosophy is inspired by our need to unlearn the etiquette we learned as young girls and be aware of what we are doing to sabotage ourselves and our careers at large. At The Finishing School, students are provided with the inspiration, information, tools and sense of humor you need to be a boss b*tch. Her clients include networking organizations, co-working spaces and educational institutions such as CUNY Tech Prep, WeWork, The Startup Institute, Miami Ad School, General Assembly, Reboot, Out in Tech, WIN, The New York City Mayor’s Office, Ladies Get Paid, VaynerMedia and notable companies such as Pandora and Cole Haan. She has been published by BUST, Code Like A Girl, Women 2.0 and and interviewed by Glamour, BBC,  Bustle’s Facebook Live, LadyTalk (The Ladies Get Paid Podcast) and The Dream Nation Podcast.



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