Past Life Regression Workshop with Trish Burger

Past Life Regression Workshop with Trish Burger


Ready to remember who you were in a past life? Are you drawn to a specific time in history and you are not sure why? Find out more about yourself during this past life regression experience. In this workshop we will be using the Dolores Cannon method of guided regression. You will have a chance to see and experience who you were in a past life. You will also have a chance to understand the lessons and purpose of your past life. Patterns repeat in lifetimes until you learn the lessons and transcend your challenges. Incorporating the new information of who you were in your past life can add clarity to the current life you are living. This is accomplished during the group regression by using simple visualization and imagery techniques. The group is regressed back in time to see one of their past lives using light hypnosis. You will be able to see important days in that lifetime and also remember if you have lived with people from your current life before.

After the experience you will have time to write down what you have seen and we will have a group discussion. Bring a pen and paper to take notes on your past life visions. Anything is possible.This class uses light hypnosis. I find clients who meditate regularly can go deeper. A meditation practice is not a prerequisite but can be helpful. Try meditating for 10 minutes a day for a few days before the class for the best experience.  All attendees are gifted 20% of a private 3 hour past life regression with healing from your higher self. During a personal past life regression in the sombulistic brainwave state you experience a past life in detail and then I access your higher self to receive answers to all of your questions and heal your physical and emotional issues.  

Please contact me with any questions before or after the class.

Trish is a professional Quantum Healing Hypnotherapist, Reiki practitioner and Spirit Coach in NYC. Specializing in helping the inhabitants of Earth remember and then return to their true Divine selves. Born a psychic empath in Brooklyn. Her childhood was filled with dreams of interdimensional astral projection and a deep inner knowing that this Earth life was just a small part of who she truly is. As an adult she self-healed her c-ptsd through meditation, positive affirmations and medicinal plants. Once restored to her full Divinity she embarked on a career to help others transform and feel the magical joy that life wants to offer. She has now come to Earth in the 2nd wave of volunteers as described in Dolores Cannon's book - The Three Waves of Volunteers. A must read for anyone who has ever wondered why they are here on Earth at this time. Trish is also able to see the past lives of others during meditative gazing. Here to help raise the vibration of planet earth and its inhabitants one person at a time.




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