Demystifying Hypnosis: Reclaiming Mind Control for the Revolution with Shauna Cummins

Demystifying Hypnosis: Reclaiming Mind Control for the Revolution with Shauna Cummins

 Hypnotist, Shauna Cummins will discuss the problematic history of hypnosis and screen a clip from guest artist Lily Benson's documentary about a misogynistic Danish hypnotist 'Buttery Coldness', highlighting how hypnosis has been used to manipulate and control women in particular. Following that discussion, she will demonstrate through an empowering group hypnosis that despite its occasional misuse, hypnosis is an innate ability and when used properly, can be used as a powerful tool for personal and social change.  

Shauna Cummins is a Clinical Hypnosis Practitioner.  She received board certification through the National Guild of Hypnotists in 2012.   She has worked for over ten years as an artist and entrepreneur in NYC and abroad.  As a hypnotist she uses an integrative approach, utilizing creative visualization, nuero linguistic programming, meditation, and energy psychology, that works to help her clients transform old limiting patterns into new positive ones,  allowing for a more expansive relationship with their best self.

She holds a private practice in NYC and is a resident healer at Maha Rose, Brooklyn. She regularly teaches classes in NYC and Europe,  in 2016 her work as a hypnotist and artist was showcased at the Center for Contemporary Art in Glasgow, Scotland,  The Ace Hotel, Mediums Residency, Apexart and the Queens Museum of NYC.  Shauna is a founding member of Obonjan, a healing, art and music island in Croatia.  In 2015 her work as a hypnotist was featured in the JETBLUE documentary HUMANKINDA.

Sun 4pm

Class is $15 or free with the purchase of an All-Access Pass.


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