Tarot for Beginners with The Tarot Society

Tarot for Beginners with The Tarot Society

 In this 1 hour class, Kevin will introduce the basic structure of the tarot - the 22 major arcana and the 4 suits - and demonstrate how to do a basic reading using a simple 3 card spread. We will also go over a (very brief!) history of the tarot in modern culture. This class is for all of you who have been interested in tarot but never knew where to begin. The goal of this class gives you a solid foundation to begin your own tarot exploration. There are as many ways to read the tarot as there are tarot readers. Your journey is your own.  

Kevin Pelrine is a tarot reader, musician, designer, and the co-founder of Tarot Society. He takes special interest in educating newcomers to tarot symbolism. His "Tarot for Beginners" classes as well as regular tarot study nights, have encouraged many new readers to deepen their practice and view tarot as a symbolic system accessible to anyone. Kevin holds a masters degree in library science from Pratt, and is currently curating a tarot library. 

Sat 4pm, Sun 4pm

Class is $15 or free with the purchase of an All-Access Pass.


Spiritual Practices, Educational , Saturday , Sunday