Kundalini Meditation Led by Sunder Ashni (Sun)

Kundalini Meditation Led by Sunder Ashni (Sun)

Stressed out and feeling tense???? Active meditations are a great way to release tension from the body using breath, sound, and movement.  OSHO Kundalini meditation this method is a gentle yet effective way to release all the accumulated tensions of your day in a playful way through shaking and dancing. This technique enhances flexibility and brings a greater sense of vitality and aliveness to the body.

MINKA means 'Home of the People’.  It was created from the desire to have safe and inclusive space for healing for all who is willing to shed their old skin to re-discover what’s underneath. Self and Community-Care is the basis of a just society, and we strive to offer diverse and affordable care - we are changing the world, one person at the time;)

Sun 11am

Class is $15 or free with the purchase of an All-Access Pass.


Wellness, Spiritual Practices, Sunday