Incense Making with Catland

Incense Making with Catland

Incense in a staple tool for almost every religion and spiritual practice. Whether used as an offering or a ritual aid, burnable smoke blends are recognized for their power to reach beyond the physical world. The ability to craft custom incense blends is an indispensable tool in any practitioner's toolbox. 

Come explore the world of incense in this practical, hands-on workshop! 

Some topics we'll be covering include: 
- A brief look at the common practical applications of incense burning 
- How to choose herbs and resins for your blend 
- The roles of each part of a complete incense recipe 
- A hands-on introduction to common tools used for making incense. 

Sat 2pm

Class is $15 or free with the purchase of an All-Access Pass.


DIY , Saturday