Combining ecological mystery, body horror, and feminist energy, The Beach House offers a whole new take on the ‘final girl’ trope. This horror flick follows two young lovers whose seaside getaway takes a turn as a parasite infiltrates their sleepy beach town, leaving them on their own to find a way out. Adding to its edge is the film’s timely portrait of abandoned homes and empty beaches – a sight that is spookily reminiscent of summer 2020, COVID-19 style. The film stars Liana Liberato as Emily, a college graduate and… Read more
The NFL team for Washington, D.C., says it is retiring their controversial name and logo it has had for 87 years. Their name is widely viewed as a slur against Native Americans because of its pejorative origins from colonial times. "Today, we are announcing we will be retiring the Redskins name and logo upon completion of this review. That review has begun in earnest. As part of this process, we want to keep our sponsors, fans and community apprised of our thinking as we go forward." the team said in a statement… Read more
As a founding member of the chart-topping ‘90s R&B girl group En Vogue, Terry Ellis and her three bandmates are recognized as being among the highest grossing American girl groups in history, selling over 20 million albums and racking up over 30 million streams. Their hits, “Hold On,” “Free Your Mind,” “Never Gonna Get It,” “Giving Him Something He Can Feel,” “Don’t Let Go,” and “Whatta Man featuring Salt-N-Pepa” are instant portals to whatever lives we were living in the 1990s and have all become karaoke classics.… Read more
When Aussie actress Aisha Dee first read the script for The Bold Type, she thought the show lacked complexity. But, like many people who first watch the show, she realized how nuanced it is with its strong women leads and timely subject matter. The incredible actress, singer, songwriter (and violinist!) Aisha Dee plays Kat in this fun, upbeat show that manages to discuss difficult, but necessary, topics that affect all women. Kat is the head of the Social Media department for the fictional Scarlet Magazine and is a… Read more
The Sports Illustrated 2020 Swimsuit Issue is on its way, and it’s set to feature the first transgender model in the special edition magazine’s 56-year history. Valentina Sampaio, a 23-year-old model from Brazil, stuns as one of eight models in this year's issue, sporting Triangl and Haus of Pink Lemonade suits and making history at the very same time. "The team at SI has created yet another groundbreaking issue by bringing together a diverse set of multitalented, beautiful women in a creative and dignified way,”… Read more
The CW has announced their pick for the new Batwoman: Javicia Leslie, a Black bisexual actress and former co-star of God Friended Me, where she also played a queer character. Batwoman premiered last fall with Ruby Rose as Kate Kane, making it the first superhero series to feature an LGBT+ character as the lead. After playing Batwoman in season one, Rose is exiting the role. She posted on Instagram to congratulate Leslie. View this post on Instagram OMG!! This is amazing!! I am so glad Batwoman will be played by an… Read more
I feel vulnerable admitting that as woman in her 30s, I binge-watched the new Netflix show, The Babysitter's Club, over 4th of July weekend. Twice. Normally I would blame this behavior on quarantine and boredom, but the truth is, The Babysitter's Club is iconic. My sister and I read the books growing up and the 1995 movie came out when I was in elementary school, so for nostalgia's sake, I was compelled to check it out. Surprisingly, the storylines and themes are much more powerful in this new version: the show is… Read more
Country crooner Margo Price opens up about the perils of manufactured music, making career moves as a mama, and turning relationship trash into lyrical treasure My chat with Margo Price takes place under less-than-ideal circumstances. The country music singer-songwriter is quarantined in her home with her husband and two children on the rural outskirts of Nashville, TN, readying for the premiere of her third studio album, That’s How Rumors Get Started. The project was slated for a May 2020 release, but due to a global… Read more

It's Time to Stop “Stanning” Politicians

By Emma Davey  In Feminism  On Jul 10, 2020

Friends, lovers, comrades, I think it’s time we had this long overdue conversation. Most of us partake in “stan culture” in some form or fashion. Maybe you’re a member of the BeyHive, or you’re a Star Wars diehard. Stan culture can be a fun way to build online communities of like-minded folks. But “stan culture” left unchecked will be subsumed by its worse impulses — the purity and superiority of the thing you love over everything else, no matter at whose expense. When NPR music critic Ann Powers released a mostly… Read more
In a 5-4 decision on Thursday, the Supreme Court ruled that much of the state of Oklahoma is Native territory. This ruling means that only federal authorities, as opposed to state prosecutors, can charge Native people who have committed serious crimes on the land. The decision upholds an 1833 treaty that promised about half of Oklahoma's land to Native tribes. The four liberal justices and Justice Neil Gorsuch ruled in favor of this decision, with the other four conservative justices dissenting. Gorsuch wrote the… Read more
Lady A, the band formerly known as Lady Antebellum, is currently suing a Black blues singer, Anita White — who has also gone by Lady A for over 20 years — after they could not come to an agreement over sharing the name Lady A. The band Lady A made the decision to change their name due to the word antebellum's ties to slavery. This was generally well-received at first, but there was a problem: there’s already a singer who goes by the name Lady A. In June, it was reported that the two had decided to share the name and… Read more

Will the U.S. Ban TikTok?

By Riley Mayes  In Living  On Jul 10, 2020

India just banned TikTok, along with 58 other mobile apps developed by Chinese technology firms. And, according to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the United States is also considering it. TikTokers when they hear that Secretary Mike Pompeo is looking at a possible TikTok ban in the US — litquidity (@litcapital) July 7, 2020 The Indian government said on Monday it was banning 59 Chinese apps over concerns that the apps were engaging in activities that threatened “national security and defense… Read more

5 Must-Try Barbecue Sauces Made By Women

By BUST Magazine  In Eat Me  On Jul 09, 2020

Planning a socially distant BBQ? Boost your offerings' flavor with these barbecue sauces crafted by women. 1. With a slight teriyaki profile, this saucy sauce from Pamela Jones is made with real bourbon. Charboy’s Bourbon Sauce, $8.99, 2. A Queer Eye feature shot sisters Deborah and Mary Jones to fame and this classic sauce keeps them there. Jones Bar-B-Q Sweet and Tangy BBQ Sauce, $6.99, 3. Megan Day and her husband Jason bring traditional Kansas City flavor with their sauces and rubs,… Read more

How You Can Make A Podcast Right Now

By Lindsay Harris Friel  In DIY  On Jul 09, 2020

Lots of people talk about making podcasts, but don’t follow through. Maybe time, funding, and patience – or confidence – are in short supply. None of this should stop you. Unique, personal experience is what makes a podcast work, along with good sound quality and some careful planning. With all the big changes happening in society right now, your podcast can serve as a message in a bottle to those at a distance or for future generations. It can help you build community and make change. It can even be (dare I say it?)… Read more

The "Suzi Q" Documentary Depicts The Life Of An Iconic Musician

By Michael Levine  In Music  On Jul 09, 2020

Suzi Quatro was a young bass-playing, singer-songwriter spitfire who shot out of Detroit in the mid-1960s. The new documentary, Suzi Q, explores MQuatro’s life from her beginnings with the all-women band The Pleasure Seekers to her international solo success. After being discovered by record producer Mickey Most, Quatro left her hometown of Detroit and moved to London. For two years, Quatro and Most tried to come up with what her exact sound and image would be. She then decided that she wanted to wear leather like her… Read more

9 Independent Mask-Makers You Should Support Right Now

By Grace Weinberg  In Style  On Jul 08, 2020

1. Jamille Textiles View this post on Instagram Face masks are up!!! #AdiaJamille #JamilleTextiles #FaceMasks #BlackMaskMakers #Succulents #AfricanPrint A post shared by Adia Jamille (Textile Creator) (@jamilletextiles) on Jul 1, 2020 at 6:07pm PDT Adia Jamille is a textile artist and the creator of Jamille Textiles. She’s a multitalented badass who designs her own fabrics, paints, draws, sews, and is a practicing doula. All of her products are designed and made by Jamille herself. You can buy her face masks here. 2.… Read more
“I feel an empty presence in my chest,” Marya Guillen, older sister to Vanessa Guillen, told The New York Times. “And for my mom, it’s hard to accept. But she knows that heaven has an angel.” Vanessa Guillen was an Army Specialist at Fort Hood in Texas who went missing on April 22. After two months of searching, on June 30, her remains were found in a shallow grave near the fort, according to CNN. An autopsy showed that Guillen was bludgeoned to death with a hammer in the armory room of the fort. So far, there is one… Read more
On June 29, a city in Massachusetts, Somerville became one of the first cities to recognize polyamorous domestic partnerships. On June 25, the City Council voted to pass an ordinance that recognizes polyamorous domestic partnerships unanimously and it was signed on June 25 by Mayor Joe Curtatone. It is now municipal law in Somerville. This change was done by shifting the language in what constitutes a domestic partnership. Instead of saying that a domestic partnership is defined as an “entity formed by two persons”,… Read more
This morning, the Supreme Court sided with the Trump Administration to allow employers to opt-out of the Affordable Care Act’s birth control coverage mandate. Here’s what this means: Under the Obama Administration’s Affordable Care Act, employers are required to provide coverage of contraception in their insurance policies to their employees. After a 7-2 ruling in the Supreme Court on the Trump v. Pennsylvania case today, employers with religious or moral objections are now allowed to opt-out of this policy that helps… Read more
Today is July 7, 2020 and it is #BlackoutDay2020. The campaign is organized by Blackout Coalition’s founder Calvin Martyr. What does this mean? Instead of supporting big businesses such as Amazon, opt for local stores that are Black-owned. This can also mean don’t eat at your usual go-to spots. Or you don’t even have to buy anything at all, if you are trying to save money. Blackout Day is not a new concept, in fact it has been around for decades. However, especially now, there is a greater responsibility to support… Read more
While professional basketball, baseball, and college football have been botching attempts to re-open despite health experts’ advice, women’s roller derby has been putting together a master plan that is so efficient, so scientifically informed, so precise that it’s sexy. Enough for Emory University epidemiologist Zachary Binney, who has been a prominent critic of how other sports are reopening, to confess its spectator policies are so good it “almost made me cry.” Women’s Flat Track Derby Association, the international… Read more
In March, Virginia passed The CROWN Act and became the fourth state to do so. Other states that have passed the CROWN Act are California, New York, Colorado, New Jersey, and Washington. The CROWN Act stands for “The Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair” and was first introduced in California in January 2019. The CROWN Act is a law that prohibits discrimination based on hairstyle, specifically race-based hair discrimination. One of the reasons this is so important is because hair discrimination can be… Read more
Over the weekend, actress Halle Berry was under fire after having made some comments regarding playing the role of a transgender man. During an Instagram Live, Berry spoke with her hairstylist, Christin Brown, and said that she was preparing for the role of playing a transgender man, but was not yet a member of the cast. Throughout the Instagram Live which is now viewable via IGTV, Berry misgendered the transgender man she said she was considering playing multiple times and said that his story was a “female story.”… Read more
Summer Taylor was marching in a peaceful protest against police brutality in Seattle this Saturday when they were killed by a man who drove his car into the crowd. They were 24 years old. They lived in Portland, Oregon, where they worked at Urban Animal veterinarian clinic. The clinic posted on Instagram this weekend that in their past six weeks, Summer was “tirelessly standing up for others while working full time and supporting everyone around them.” View this post on Instagram It is with great sorrow that we are… Read more

The History of Indigenous People Protesting Mount Rushmore

By Grace Weinberg  In Feminism  On Jul 06, 2020

On July 4, 2020, Donald Trump addressed a crowd of thousands at the Mount Rushmore National Monument in South Dakota. The rally was undoubtedly a response to the recent protests against racial injustice, which President Trump called “a merciless campaign to wipe out our history, defame our heroes, erase our values, and indoctrinate our children.” He stood under the faces of former U.S. presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt on what’s known to Indigenous people as the Six… Read more
TEPACHE IS A fermented drink/zero-waste superstar made from the skins and core of a pineapple. Today it’s sold by street vendors in Mexico, but it dates back to pre-Columbian times when it was popular among the Nahua people. I got into fermentation much more recently while hanging in queer communities in the woods of Tennessee. Not only is tepache sweet, refreshing, and slightly fizzy, it’s also packed with probiotics, vitamin C, and anti-inflammatory bromelain. Add mint and jalapeño for a killer (and cheap!) summer… Read more
“You have to disturb the peace when you can’t get no peace.” These are the timely words that ring in the teaser trailer for Respect, a new biopic directed by Liesl Tommy that follows Aretha Franklin’s ascension to fame and her work with the civil rights movement. Hitting theaters this December 25, 2020, Respect is set to feature the one and only Jennifer Hudson as Aretha Franklin. Opening with a cloudburst of sparks, glitter, and the resounding vocals of J.Hud belting out the lyrics to "Respect," the trailer matches… Read more

Why You Should Make A Podcast Right Now

By Lindsay Harris Friel  In Living  On Jul 02, 2020

The phrase “we should make a podcast” is as ubiquitous right now as fondue parties were in the ’70s. Though there are thousands available right now, there’s still room for yours. Why should you make a podcast right now? Don’t think of this as a trendy hobby, or a money-making scheme. A good podcast is like a time capsule, except instead of photographs, newspaper clippings and ribbons, you can store your thoughts, feelings, and opinions, bundled up the uniqueness of your own voice. It’s easier than ever, too. New apps… Read more
On July 1, a video flooded Twitter depicting a group of protestors marching down the street chanting “My Body, My Choice.” However, this wasn’t an event for reproductive rights. This video featured a right-wing group protesting the mask orders that recently went into effect in Sanford, Florida. RIGHT NOW: Dozens are marching in Sanford chanting “My body. My choice.” They are protesting after a mask order went into place in Seminole County today. — Stephanie Buffamonte (@StephBuffamonte) July… Read more
Earlier today actress Brie Larson, best known for Captain Marvel, joined the many celebrities who have made YouTube channels in recent years such as Jack Black and Will Smith. She uploaded her first YouTube video called “So, I made a decision…” and announced that she was starting a YouTube channel. She goes on to say that YouTube has been a place that has helped her learn about a myriad of things, and that the website is “the place to talk about things are important and that matter.” Larson states that there will be a… Read more
Happy July fourth weekend! You might not be able to host a barbecue or hit a crowded beach, but you can take the holiday weekend as an excuse to unwind. If you’re looking for something to watch, we’ve got you covered. Here’s what we’re excited about this week. MOVIES/TV The Baby-Sitter’s Club Ann M. Martin’s prolific series about a group of enterprising middle schoolers gets a fresh new look, thanks to Netflix. Catch all episodes of the nostalgic reboot on July 3. Cable Girls This feminist drama, which follows four… Read more
Kellyanne Conway, who’s currently serving as a counselor to President Trump, has a daughter named Claudia who’s gone viral in recent days. Claudia Conway, the 15-year-old has been posting TikToks like many people her age do. Many of the TikToks that Claudia has posted are blatantly against Trump, the person that her mother works for and often defends. So far, she has over 96,000 followers on TikTok. Conway's early videos largely didn’t have political messaging, but her account slowly became more political as time went… Read more
In our Fashion Nation series, we talk to cool people about their personal style. Sam Klein Entrepreneur and Content QueenLos Angeles, California Tell me about this outfit. The dress I’m wearing is by L.A.-based brand Rhode. I have it in, like, three or four prints because it’s so comfortable and flattering. I feel really good after I put it on and I think that’s the telltale sign of a good piece of clothing. The bag is a really fun piece by a brand called Staud. The shoes are vintage. I bought them on ModCloth back… Read more
The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, or FIT, is one of the best-known fashion schools in the country. Timed to the recent reckonings that people have had with institutions and inclusivity, such as the call from black artists in Hollywood to invest in black creators, FIT students have also made calls for more inclusivity in their programs. With a petition made by Bronwyn Goldschneider, an incoming sophomore at the school, students are calling for more inclusivity in FIT fashion illustration classes. This… Read more

Swans' Jarboe Creates A Musical Universe In "Illusory"

By BUST Magazine  In Music  On Jul 02, 2020

JARBOE Illusory(Consouling Sounds) Former Swans member Jarboe continues exploring her unique musical universe with Illusory. She adeptly uses her voice not only to sing actual lyrics, but also to create nontraditional vocal sculptures, forming a new, choral language, like on “Cathedral,” “Flight,” and “Into the Arms of Sleep.” The title track is reminiscent of Nico’s harmonium-based work, and the acoustic number “Man of Hate” comes closest to her work with Swans or the World of Skin side project. This album illustrates… Read more
It would be an understatement to say that this Pride month has been a little different: coinciding with a global pandemic and the surge of activism following the murder of George Floyd, Pride celebrations took on a different character as queers charged, masks on and protest signs in hand, to support the Black Lives Matter movement and the Black members of the community. One important aspect of this year’s Pride month is that it has centered Black and Latinx queer and trans womxn voices. Hundreds of LGBTQ+ activists and… Read more
As the Supreme Court continues to announce decisions, we are seeing major progress being made when it comes to long-argued issues like immigration, discrimination, and abortion. The Court is currently a conservative-majority with Chief Justice John Roberts, newest justice Brett Kavanaugh, Clarence Thomas, Samuel A. Alito, Jr., and Neil M. Gorsuch on the more conservative side and justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen G. Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor, and Elena Kagan on the more liberal side. However, the sole purpose of the… Read more
The estate of Arthur Conan Doyle, writer of the iconic mystery series, Sherlock Holmes, is suing the upcoming Netflix Original movie Enola Holmes, for depicting the famous detective as yes, you read that headline right, a feminist. The estate argues that the film’s portrayal of Sherlock Holmes as kind, caring, and respectful of women is a direct violation of the deceased author’s copyright. Wait a minute, so the Conan Doyle estate is suing Enola Holmes simply because they don't want to see a world in which Sherlock… Read more
Chrissy Teigen recently posted a photo to Instagram to her over 30 million followers in which she was wearing a protective face mask while waiting for her smear test. In the caption, Teigen told her followers, “Don’t forget to keep up with your paps and have your boobs touched even though the world is ending!” View this post on Instagram don’t forget to keep up with your paps and have your boobs touched even though the world is ending!! A post shared by chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen) on Jun 28, 2020 at 4:04pm PDT The… Read more
In the state of New Jersey, the Department of Health issued an executive directive that exempted doulas from the limits on support persons during a pregnant person’s hospital stay during the COVID-19 pandemic. This executive directive from the DOH recognizes the importance of doulas and affirms that they play an essential role in an expectant mother’s care team. Before this directive, only one person including the doula could be with the mother in the hospital. This directive will allow doulas to resume their duties… Read more
Now, I haven’t been keeping up with all the drama—I refuse to watch another 40-minute Tati video—so I don’t know exactly what’s going on with Tati and Jeffree Star and James Charles and all of that. However, I do know that many of Shane Dawson’s old videos have resurfaced (again) and many are calling for the YouTube veteran’s end on the platform. Dawson has been making videos on the platform since 2008, according to the New York Times. In many videos from Dawson’s earlier years on YouTube, he can be seen perpetuating… Read more
Madame Gandhi has made a name for herself as an artist, lyricist, percussionist, and an outspoken advocate for gender liberation. After the Women’s March in 2017, her song “The Future is Female” shot up in the Spotify Viral US Charts. She has released two short-form albums, Voices in 2016 and Visions in 2019. Her new song “Waiting For Me” which will appear on her upcoming short-form album, Vibrations, opens up with the powerful line, “I'm not every day tryna turn up to the sound of my own oppression, you feel me?” This… Read more

The Supreme Court Just Struck Down A Louisiana Abortion Law

By Grace Weinberg  In Feminism  On Jun 30, 2020

On June 29, the Supreme Court overturned a law that restricts abortion access in Louisiana. The Los Angeles Times reported that the law was expected to close all but one of the abortion providers in the state, since it requires that doctors obtain credentials to admit patients at nearby hospitals, making it harder for patients and clinics in rural areas to receive and perform abortions. Abortion advocates refer to these types of admitting privileges as “TRAP laws,” which impose burdens on clinics under the guise of… Read more
This past Sunday, the Mississippi state legislature voted to replace its state flag: the last in the U.S. to display the Confederate battle emblem. Now, the bill goes to Republican Governor Tate Reeves, who voiced on Saturday that he will sign the legislation in law. The legislature has been deadlocked for days as it considers a new state flag. The argument over the 1894 flag has become as divisive as the flag itself and it’s time to end it.If they send me a bill this weekend, I will sign it.… Read more

BUST's 10 Best Bets For Summer 2020

By BUST Magazine  In Entertainment  On Jun 30, 2020

In every issue of BUST, managing editor Emily Rems chooses her ten picks for the best in pop culture. Check out the list from our Summer 2020 issue, featuring Bikini Kill on Tour, Bec Hill, Pot Psychology Podcast, Zola, and more. 1. I May Destroy You HBO Written, co-directed, and starring the amazing Michaela Coel who first earned our adoration with her 2015 series Chewing Gum, I May Destroy You is a brave and innovative HBO show that follows a young writer trying to piece together her fragmented memories of a sexual… Read more
Following many other shows, Hulu pulled an episode of Golden Girls for referencing blackface. In the episode, Dorothy was introduced to her son's fiancée, an older black woman. Blanche and Rose donned mud masks when they met the fiancée for the first time. "This is mud on our faces. We’re not really black." Rose says in the episode. A lot of comedy shows from the early 2000s and 2010s have been reexamining their racist episodes. A few episodes from Scrubs that also featured blackface were taken down from the streaming… Read more
On June 24th, Mary W. Jackson, the first Black womxn engineer at NASA, got the recognition she deserves. NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine announced that the agency’s headquarters building in Washington, D.C., will be renamed after her. You may remember Jackson from Hidden Figures, the exhilarating science flick following the three Black womxn who were the brains behind NASA’s launch of astronaut John Glenn into orbit – one of them being Jackson, portrayed by Janelle Monaé. Jackson was a #STEMsetter in a myriad of… Read more
With pride month coming to an end, we must celebrate young adult literature that features LGBTQ+ characters. Unlike usual queer and trans media, these books will not have unnecessary pain, death or sad endings. At times heartbreaking and joyous, these books are both a celebration of life, friendship, and love, and a shining example of hope in the face of adversity. So, here is our list of 13 young adult novels about queer and trans identities: Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe is a coming-of-age… Read more
YouTube sensation Jenny Mourey, better known as Jenna Marbles, announced that she would be stepping back from her channel after being asked to apologize for racially offensive videos. On Thursday, June 26, she uploaded a video titled “A Message” in which she apologizes for performing in blackface and making racist remarks in one of her rap songs. The first video she addresses, which is now private, depicts Mourey impersonating Nicki Minaj in blackface. She states, “It was not my intention to do blackface. But it… Read more

What's Your Summer 2020 Horoscope?

By BUST Magazine  In Living  On Jun 29, 2020

From BUST's Spring 2020 issue, our new house astrologer, Emmalea Russo, gives astrological guidance to getting laid. Cancer(June 21 to July 22)Summer begins with a bang when the Sun enters your identity center on June 20, asking you to reevaluate your self-concept and shine bright. You’re up for it. The solar eclipse in your sign on June 21 delivers revelations. Maybe a new, bolder look? Jupiter and Pluto conjoin on June 30, which will help you sort shit out before Venus enters your sign on August 7, making you extra… Read more