Artist Hirotoshi Itoh Has a Soft Spot for a Hard Material - BUST

Think you want that pencil case? Think again—unless you get some sort of fulfillment out of carrying bricks around in your bag—because that thing is made of stone. I don't mean it lacks emotions. It is literally carved out of stone.

By using ordinary river rocks (similar to that one you may or may not have stubbed your toe on when you were tubing with your friends) as his canvas, Japanese artist Hirotoshi Itoh molds his unconventional mediums to take on a range of unexpected forms. The sculptures are so convincing, they could be mistaken for a brown paper bag, a melting popsicle, or a silk scarf upon a quick glance. The artist leaves the majority of the re-birthed rocks' natural textures uncompromised. Which is good, because it would be pretty difficult to believe that these amazing sculptures were once rocks and not bars of soap, with only pictures to go by. Get ready to exercise your suspension of disbelief and check out more pictures of Itoh's work, below:

Images courtesy of Jeannie Jeannie


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