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Women in Crypto [Female in Bitcoin & Blockchain Tech] + [Investment Class]
Thursday, March 22, 2018, 08:30am - 10:30am


[Crypto Investment Class] and [Unique Cases of women] in the growing cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Alt-coins) and blockchain technology. The aim is to showcase what crypto-women are doing, and to encourage more women to join the digital revolution we’re creating, together! 
Meanwhile, surveys indicate that more than 90% of Bitcoin users are male. According to The Cointelegraph, only 1.76% of the Bitcoin community are women. This is even more reason to change this while it’s still fresh, but rather aggressively influence and motivate more women to get involved. Opportunities exist for women to earn more income and impact the global economy - through Bitcoin trading, investments, and virtual spending. Tech-savvy female entrepreneurs are also looking to ICOs to fund their startups rather than relying solely on venture capital investment; yet another financial sector that is still dominated by men.


8:30 AM | Welcome/Introduction 
Registration, Coffee/Tea, Breakfast

9:00 AM | Intro to Trading Crypto: How to Buy Your First Cryptocurrency Coins (Ethereum, Bitcoin, Alt-coin)

[Basics Investment Class] and recommendations for where to safely buy digital currencies
+ A guide to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Alt-coin, ICO
+ How to Trade Cryptocurrencies? Crypto Trading Strategies to Give You Outsized Returns
+ How You Can Benefit: When to Buy and When to Sell, Identifying Trading Trends
+ Which cryptocurrency do I invest in? What strategies can I use to get great returns?
+ How to continuously improve your trading strategies to outperform other traders o Profitable cryptocurrency market methodologies
+How to protect your Bitcoin and Ethereum investments from crypto-hackers?

*This 50-min class will be filled with Information about Buying Selling and Investing in Crypto.

9:50 AM | Networking
As you think about the growth of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Alt-coin and ICO, what is one thing you think the investors, entrepreneurs, and cryptographers, crypto-hackers is missing today? As you think about this industry, what do you think will happen in the short term?

Key Note Speakers and Schedule to be announced soon

//Ladies, We are highlighting all of the wonderful women in the bitcoin and blockchain ecosystem and the various types of roles they play. We rely on you, the community, to help us curate a list as we don't always have clear visibility into the many ways women contribute to our ecosystem. We also are frequently asked to curate panels or offer up speakers for various industry, tech, and VC events. Let us know if you're open to these opportunities. We will not share any personal contact information before asking you. Ladies, don’t get left behind, just start exploring this topic. The more you divulge into it, the faster you'll discover ways to earn money, invest and create opportunities for women globally with cryptocurrency and blockchain tech. 

For crypto/blockchain startups: ms@buroHQ.com, Manana Samuseva +19175824244

This is @ BuroHQ and space is super limited so we are selling tickets for $15.00 (to make sure you come). 
Sign up here before we sell out.

Location BuroHQ: 307 Canal Street 2, New York, NY 10013
Cost: $15