Need to know what you should be watching, reading, and listening to this winter? Lucky for you, BUST rounded up the hottest new releases to keep you entertained through the dreary months. 1. Velma on HBO Max Jinkies! This new animated series stars Mindy Kaling (who also co-created) as the voice of Scooby-Doo’s brainy pal. But this time, Velma is Indian and there is no crime-solving dog. Plus, Constance Wu voices Daphne, Velma’s bestie who has some “complicated feelings” for her BFF. For the most adult take on the… Read more
Winter has come at last! And here at BUST, we’re delivering tons of inspiring articles to cozy up with for reading season! Legendary screen siren and Wednesday actor Christina Ricci is on our cover! Plus, we've got interviews with the nonbinary creator and star of HBO's Sort Of, Bilal Baig; iconic designer Betsey Johnson; and some incredible women from the Black Panther Party! Inside, we also explain how to become an "abortion doula," how to take full advantage of the cold water swimming trend, how to make the best… Read more
For many artists, the times of pandemic isolation presented as many new challenges as new opportunities for creative expression. UNI and the Urchins successfully harness the lonely uncertainty of lockdown to create a gloomy yet hopeful masterpiece that oozes 90s nostalgia with their brand new single and video “Covid’s Metamorphoses.” Bassist Charlotte Kemp Muhl has directed all of UNI and the Urchin’s videos and mini-films, as well as engineered, mixed, and mastered the band’s upcoming debut album Simulator (Out… Read more
It is officially Holiday Party Season! Break out the tinsel and your best ugly sweater because it's time to get lit like a Christmas tree. Dazzle your guests with these seven festive cocktail recipes—just be sure to save one for Santa, too. This recipe and photo originally appeared on 1. Bourbon Eggnog What would a list of holiday cocktails even be without a boozy eggnog recipe? This twist on the yuletide classic includes bourbon instead of the traditional brandy. Depending on which relatives you… Read more
For the characters in Women Talking, the question of forgiveness in the aftermath of violence is not just theoretical. Their mysterious injuries aren’t imaginary or demonic (as the elders in their isolated religious colony allege) but were caused by men – their husbands and relatives – drugging and raping them while they slept. The majority of the film takes place in a hayloft on their land, where multiple generations of women clandestinely meet to determine how they should respond to this betrayal. A schoolteacher… Read more
A eulogy to one’s own mother is one of the most intimate and emotional works of literary art. Björk’s “Sorrowful Soil” encapsulates that raw emotion through both song and visuals in her new video. This captivating film was shot in front of the actively erupting Fagradalsfjall volcano. Along with the release of her music video, Björk shared her feelings and motivations for this piece in a press release. According to Björk, this song was written before her mother passed, and she wanted to capture that feeling of knowing… Read more
The holiday season is upon us yet again, and nothing helps get you through those elbow-throwing, peppermint mocha-guzzling, hitting-the-mall-before-the-sun's-up days of gift shopping like a great holiday playlist featuring all your indie favs. From Los Bitchos' groovy instrumentals to the youthful angsty goodness of The Linda Lindas, we've got just what you need to survive and thrive your way through Christmas. Here's a list of BUST-approved best new holiday music of 2022, including a Spotify playlist at the end of the… Read more

Here's What the Tarot Predicts For Your Star Sign this Winter

By Sarah Potter  In Living  On Dec 02, 2022

Our columnist, Sarah Potter, provides this season's tarot readings for the signs. Sagittarius: King of Cups (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21) Ride the wave, Sagittarius. Whatever comes your way, you’ve got this—rely on your intellect as much as your intuition. You’ve cultivated a good sense of balance, so keep it up and stay fully committed to any self-care routines. Even a good night’s sleep can do wonders for your body and peace of mind. Capricorn: The Lovers Reversed (Dec. 22 to Jan. 19) Raise your standards, Capricorn. You hold… Read more
The smash hit Sort Of made history last year as the first TV series to center a non-binary character. Here, its co-creator and star, Bilal Baig, discusses how the show came into being, the influence of their South Asian culture, and what “queerness” means to them Bilal Baig is having a capital-M Moment. The 28-year-old transfeminine writer and actor has scored big success with the debut of their CBC/HBO Max dramedy, Sort Of, where Baig is co-creator (with Fab Filippo, Queer as Folk), co-writer, showrunner, executive… Read more

I’ve Watched "Wednesday" Three Times and There Will Be More

By Emma David  In TV  On Dec 01, 2022

The Cramps. Black tulle. Dope cello solos of “Paint It Black” on the roof. What’s not to love? Nevertheless, many adults are not into the new Wednesday show on Netflix, partially directed by Tim Burton, because of the teen rom-com angles but in my opinion, that’s low-key the whole point. The eight-episode first season is one filled with teenage angst with a heaping dollop of macabre feminist flair. First off, the cast: perfection. There were hesitations swirling the internet when it was announced that Luis Guzman was… Read more
In response to Millie Bobby Brown's appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show where she stated that she would like to play Britney Spears in a biopic of her life, Spears complained “I’m not dead yet”. But do you need to be dead to have a biopic of your life? Some films such as The Runaways and Mommie Dearest would beg to differ but more classic icons like Frida Kahlo and Harriet Tubman, unfortunately, have passed, and can’t comment on their film portrayal. As a society, we develop deep awe and interest in celebrities of… Read more
If you're loving Netflix’s new hit show, Wednesday, starring Jenna Ortega, as much as we are, then you’re going to want to take a look at these incredible outfits that are inspired by this comedy-horror. From the unforgettable black dress and white collar all the way to Wednesday’s gothic tulle ball gown, you can get your goth on with these influential (and affordable) fashion pieces. 1. Celestial Lessons Organza Dress Deliver Wednesday’s well-recognized black- and- white collared dress with the Celestial Lessons… Read more
Can nail art be feminist? Sure, why not. Whether you enjoy long and fun or short and classy nails, you can express your support of women’s rights through your nails. If you are into DIY nail art, or prefer a manicurist, you’ll be inspired by these 9 amazing and empowering nail designs. 1. My Nails, Myself Inspired by trippy artist Heather and artist Shai work, Stylist Carla Chanocua designed these neon, sparkly nails to represent women have a right to our own choices when it comes to our bodies. 2. Spelling It Out Nail… Read more
Now that both record and bookstores are few and far between, where can you go to score the latest ‘zines? The answer may lie in your local library. You’re at your public library looking for a book on abortion. Searching the nonfiction shelves, you come up with nothing, so you make your way to the information desk and ask the clerk for help. The librarian looks in the catalogue and, sure enough, there are no books on the topic in the catalogue—but they do have a few ‘zines on it. Wait, this library has a collection of… Read more
Sewing your own clothes is life-changing, and I truly believe that anyone can do it. The main reason to make your own clothes is because most garments you buy just don’t fit very well. If your body is anything but what the fashion world considers standard then you’re left with poor-fitting clothes. Let me get you started on sewing clothes that actually fit your body. 1. A Simple Sewing Machine If you are just starting out and need to buy a machine, a basic sewing machine is all you need. I used a beginner Brother… Read more
On Saturday, the 19th of November, an armed man entered the LGBTQ+ nightclub, Club Q, in Colorado Springs, Colorado, just before midnight. He then opened fire in the middle of the club, ultimately killing five people and injuring 25 before being taken to the ground and disarmed by people inside the nightclub. A few moments after the horrific event, the clock struck midnight, and it was the 20th of November, the Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR). TDOR is a day to remember victims of transgender hate crimes.… Read more

BUST’s 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

By BUST Magazine  In Sponsored  On Nov 22, 2022

Check out BUST's Holiday Gift Guide! We rounded up the best small-business buys and holiday finds to make your winter merry and bright! BLACK PHOENIX ALCHEMY LAB Celebrating its 20th year as an indie perfume label, BPAL specializes in personal and home fragrance that is cruelty-free and blended by hand, channeling realms of history, myth, enchantment, literature, and other avenues of the uncanny into scent. FAT AND THE MOON Fat and the Moon is an herbalist-founded and formulated, head-to-toe bod care line. Low waste,… Read more
Women getting paid less than men who do the same job is a tale as old as time, but, thanks to the creator economy, that might be about to change. In the past couple of years, we have shifted how we work. It’s clear now that a traditional corporate job isn’t the only way to make a living, and a 9-5 job has been proven not to be the best career investment for women —a recent report by McKinsey & Company showed that, in 2021, for every 100 men that were promoted from entry-level roles to manager positions, only 87 women… Read more
Four years ago, Jenny Nguyen rolled up to a sports bar with some friends in hopes of watching the NCAA women’s basketball final. The bartenders wouldn’t change the channel on the main TVs, though, so the group ended up crowding around a small TV to watch the game—with no sound. “There was this epic, last minute three-pointer,” Nguyen, 42, says.“I remember jumping up and throwing my hat across the room, then just looking out to the bar and seeing that everyone thought I was crazy.” That’s when Nguyen told her friends… Read more
Our lifestyle editor Lisa Butterworth is always looking for the best in brand-new lifestyle hacks, products, and fun, and here are her top 5 picks for fall: Up With the Matriarchy Tackling home-improvement projects on your own can feel daunting, and looking for guidance can come with a hefty dose of mansplaining. Matriarchy Build, created by longtime friends Lacey Soslow and Gabriella Ainslie, is an online community of women and LGBTQ+ pros—plumbers, tile setters, carpenters, electricians, and more—available for… Read more
Multiple states and politicians in the USA are trying to make it illegal—or at least as difficult as possible—for people to get abortions. When the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade this spring, it became up to each state to decide whether to either legalize or ban abortion. As a result, in many states, obtaining an abortion became nearly impossible. No matter how many politicians (or, let’s be honest, white male Republicans) attempt to prevent people from getting abortion care, the need for abortions will always… Read more
Nina Hagen first rose to fame as an actor and musical theatre performer in East Germany in the early 1970s and by mid decade, made her way to freedom in West Germany. Hagen was trained in the Weimar cabaret tradition of Brecht and Weil, and was an opera prodigy, who grew up a fan of Folk, Psychedelic, and Glam Rock. Visiting Punk-era England and hanging out with bands like The Slits and Sex Pistols influenced Nina greatly. She returned to Germany and formed the Nina Hagen Band in 1977 Nina created an over the top… Read more
“I didn’t know how to do anything but apologize a lot and try harder,” explains Jessica McCabe of living with ADHD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder). So, in 2016, the actor, writer, and activist began creating content across social media aimed at providing those who share her diagnosis a toolbox of techniques to accommodate their neurodifferences. From crash course videos on definitions, to relatable, 30-second clips on everyday problems, McCabe has been making information and resources on ADHD accessible in a… Read more
When it comes to natural formulas that cater to melanated skin, black-women-owned skincare products are the way to go. Many of these companies are flourishing in the beauty industry, and supporting them benefits them as well as the consumer, irregardless of your skin tone. We’ve highlighted eight unique brands, as well as a few you may not have heard of, that you will want to add to your skincare routines. Alikay Naturals View this profile on Instagram Alikay Naturals (@alikaynaturals) • Instagram photos and videos… Read more

Here's How to Make Easy Woven DIY Potholders (That Don't Suck)

By Debbie Stoller  In DIY  On Nov 14, 2022

Did you ever make potholders as a kid? If so, you were probably given a metal loom and a pile of multicolored loops and were taught the basics of weaving: over, under, over, under. Unfortunately, the completed project usually came out looking like rainbow barf. So it might come as a revelation that loom-woven potholders can actually look pretty profesh, as long as you follow some centuries-old weaving patterns. Make a set for yourself, or match a friend’s kitchen colors for a perfect housewarming gift. For this… Read more
My most treasured times are sitting on the kitchen floor in my family’s home in Southern India watching my grandmother, or paati, draped in her colorful silk sari, shuffle around making her special masala chai tea. She grinds spices and we laugh and gossip as the room becomes fragrant with fennel and star anise. After she pours the tea, we watch the morning come alive as clouds move over the mountains and peacocks begin to talk. Back at home in my modern kitchen, I make this chai concentrate trying to replicate paati’s… Read more
Fall is almost at its last breath, which means winter is just around the corner. With winter approaching, is it coming down to your last chance to switch up your fall playlist. But don’t worry, darling; there’s still time to embrace the last bit of fall before the inevitable Christmas music. BUST has made it easy for you with the BUST Magazine Fall 22 Playlist already ready and available. The playlist is a compilation of selected singles from new album releases to put you in the mood for rainy days and cozy times.… Read more
The temperature is dropping, and the leaves are falling. If you enjoy makeup, the changing colors may inspire you to try different shades of beauty products. Here are 13 of our hand-picked favorites to consider—from lipsticks to eye shadows to blush to even fragrance—in cozy shades that conjure the season, such as wine, burgundy, burnt orange, blackberry, and even hot chocolate! Dark Lips Dare to be dark and bold this season with gloomy color lips. Colors like dim wine, deep burgundy, and blackberry are flattering,… Read more

Pop Quiz: How Well Do You Know Peaches?

By Rosemarie Lundgaard  In Music  On Nov 11, 2022

Peaches is a rock star, producer, director, visual artist, and performance artist who rose to fame in the electroclash era of the early 2000s and whose terrifically transgressive albums—including Fancypants Hoodlum, The Teaches of Peaches, Fatherfucker, Impeach My Bush, I Feel Cream, and Rub—are absolutely part of the feminist canon. Think you know how Peaches stays so juicy? Then take the quiz! Born in Ontario, Canada, on November 11, 1966, Peaches’ given name is ________. a. Merrill Niskerb. Alecia Moorec. Lesley Sue… Read more
In light of the recent overturn of Roe V Wade, blocking access to legal abortion in at least 14 states, there has been a lot of conversation happening on reproductive rights and social practices. The book Ejaculate Responsibly by Gabrielle Stanley Blair uses 28 brief arguments fueled by meticulously sourced facts and studies to challenge men, particularly men against abortion, to take responsibility when it comes to unplanned pregnancies. Gabrielle Stanley Blair, a Mormon mother of six and creator of the parent… Read more
If you want to look like a boss bitch who is about to get shit done (or if you want to actually get work done in the garden and need tons of pockets for tools), then overalls are the look for you. Here Comes the Sun Mokuyobi Sunshine Zap Overalls, $176 Just because you’re doing serious work, that doesn’t mean you can’t brighten up the room (or the yard) with your ’fit. Image Credit: (Mokuyobi) Gabriel Mendoza Weiss In the Weeds Duluth Trading Women’s Plus Heirloom Gardening Bib Overalls, $89.50 These babies have 12… Read more

Roe v Bros: Men answer questions about tampons on election day

By Rosemarie Lundgaard  In Feminism  On Nov 08, 2022

America, it’s time to vote. Today is the 2022 midterm election day, and the election has already been named “the most important midterm election” by the media. And they are not all wrong; abortion is an essential topic in this midterm election. After the Supreme Court overturning of Roe v. Wade in June, abortion is a highly discussed topic in both the Republican and Democratic parties– and in five states, abortion is on the ballot. Therefore, it is important to look at who is eligible to vote on this controversial… Read more
Hair swinging, air guitar, teenage rage. The first shot of Amazon’s new TV series High School (2022) consists of two identical girls headbanging together, immersed in their own world, symbiotically connected through their joy. The scene abruptly ends with the two twin sisters entering a new world, but this time not together, as they are about to enter their own separate lives as high school students. Based on the New York Times-best-selling memoir by musicians Tegan and Sara Quin, High School is 8-episode series that… Read more
Self-love requires self-recognition—which means you recognize your self-worth, and acknowledge that it’s worth celebrating. To this end, Wondershare, the global leader in creative software, has teamed up with Step Up and Dress for Success, two non-profit organizations dedicated to empowering women of all ages, to launch the Wondershare Claim Your Space Campaign with the mission to uplift women through a collective celebration, empowerment funds, and content creation. “Here’s a beautiful idea,” said Shaan Jahagirdar,… Read more
Vintage suit; Jenny Bird necklace; Bowen NYC earrings. Karen Elson is finally ready to have some fun. “Being a model, I felt for many years like I had to work extra hard to prove myself as a musician. I felt like I couldn’t just be good—I had to be incredible at it. I had to almost bleed for it,” the singer/songwriter/supermodel says of her recording career, which began with the 2010 album The Ghost Who Walks. “I got older, and I got more comfortable in my skin. Also, there was something about COVID—it’s been such a… Read more
There aren’t many astrology books that focus on the in-depth meaning of the moon. Luckily, Narayana Montufar’s best selling astrology book Moon Signs: Unlock Your Inner Luminary Power serves as the fantastic lunar book to boost and guide us through every element of the moon. In astrology, the moon represents our emotions, maternal instincts, emotions (how we express and experience our feelings), the divine feminine, intuition, memories, and comforts. But, it’s so much more than that. The moon shows us how we can help… Read more
Little Bits of Things We Dig! Check out our round-up of some of our fav fashion and beauty products you will want to cop this fall. YOUTH IN REVOLT Every piece of jewelry made by Laser Kitten’s founder and creative director Marisa Ravel is a sweet sucker punch to my nostalgic heart. From the bedazzled Furbies to the colorful Tamagotchi earrings, rhinestone Clueless pendants, and Spice Girls charms (prices vary,, I’m immediately transported to my youth. –marie lodi GLAZED OVER If vegan lip color is your… Read more
The Beths Expert in a Dying Field(Carpark) The endearingly brash-but-melodic New Zealand indie power-pop rockers the Beths provide listening comfort and joy on their third full-length. Recorded at guitarist Jonathan Pearce’s Auckland studio, further patched together remotely in quarantine, and ultimately finished in L.A., Expert in a Dying Field pairs joy with well-executed sonic chaos. Vocalist/guitarist Elizabeth Stokes shares the impact of an array of relationships, picking them apart and underlining the maddening… Read more
President Joe Biden announced on August 24th, 2022 that the federal government will be relieving $10,000 in student loan debt per borrower and up to $20,000 for Pell Grant recipients. However, a federal appeals court has halted the progress of the relief program due to six Republican-led states claiming Biden does not have the authority to cancel student debt across all states. In response, the government’s lawyers pointed to the HEROES Act (the Higher Education Relief Opportunites for Students) which was established… Read more
Have you ever had a delicious slice of pie and asked, “What’s the secret ingredient?” Without that one special something, the pie wouldn’t be as memorable. And the same goes for beauty products; it’s the hero ingredient that really makes it. “A hero ingredient is the most important and effective active ingredient in a skincare product,” explains board-certified dermatologist Dr. Macrene Alexiades. “It’s a signature ingredient that sets it apart from other products.” You’ve likely heard of tea tree or rose oil, but… Read more

Beth Orton Returns with her Most Revealing Album Yet

By Michael Levine  In Music  On Nov 02, 2022

MUSIC REVIEW: BETH ORTON Weather Alive (Partisan Records) I interviewed Ms. Orton once and she revealed that one her favorite albums is Joni Mitchell’s classic Blue. One could draw comparisons with Orton’s latest release, Weather Alive (her first in six years), because of the intimate lyrics and the sparse musical arrangements. Although Orton is known for being a guitarist, most of these songs are piano based and enhanced with both electronic and natural instrumentation. “Friday Night,” “Fractals,” and “Haunted… Read more

15 Celebrities Who Won The Internet This Halloween

By Rosemarie Lundgaard  In Entertainment  On Oct 31, 2022

It’s the spookiest time of the year, and the Halloween costumes of the celebrities this year is frighteningly on point. The weekend of Halloween celebrations may be over, so here’s a list of this year’s best-dressed celebrity Halloween costumes to get you in the mood: Kylie Jenner as Elvira: Mistress of the Dark @kyliejenner ♬ vent - Baby Keem In previous years, Kylie Jenner has not been able to settle with just one costume and this year is no exception. This year’s costumes include Frankenstein’s Bride and her… Read more
The editors at Harper’s Bazaar called it “The Nine-Day Wonder Diet” and promised readers they would lose a pound a day if they followed it diligently. To help them do so, the magazine produced a silk scarf, printed with all nine days’ worth of menus. “DIETING IS FUN when you wear this sensational new scarf with its design theme of the famous Harper’s Bazaar 9-Day Wonder Diet,” read a 1953 ad inIndependent Woman magazine. “Wear it as a bright color accent for your new spring costumes, and as a reminder to slim down.”… Read more
On the 13th of September this year, Mahsa Amini, 22, was arrested in Tehran for violating the rules of not wearing a proper hijab or headscarf. She was severely beaten by the police and died following the brutal treatment. Ever since that day, both Iranian men and women have been protesting on the street against the strict guidelines regarding women's clothing under the Islamic Regime, and a conversation has started about how the government treats Iranian women, and the many rules they must obey, especially regarding… Read more
What Is Pancake Spaghetti? Many people consider breakfast the most important meal of the day, and the latest viral food trend, “pancake spaghetti,” is guaranteed to flip your lid. On September 29, TikToker Briana Archuleta shared with the world how her husband, Steven Archuleta—who calls them “squiggle cakes”—created the pancake spaghetti idea by buttering a hot griddle, and placing the pancake batter in long, striped spaghetti-like lines until they were golden and crispy, then piled them high in a bowl and topped them… Read more
A cursed priestess, radioactive cockroach women, and a warrior with her head chopped off, along with many more symbolic and oh-so-real stories of the female race through the ages fill the book, Shit Cassandra Saw by Gwen E. Kirby. A stunning debut, this collection of twenty-one flash fiction and short stories brings women from as far back as the Trojan era right up to modern-day life to the same level, presenting the reader with a stark reality of how similar we all are in the end. As many women and femme people are… Read more
When I catch up with Regina Hall via Zoom, it’s a busy, sunshiny day for her in New York City, full of photo shoots and interviews. I can’t help but compliment the jovial actor on the chic headscarf she’s wearing, and when I do, she leans toward the screen with an infectious laugh and says, “It’s Zoom. Girl—the wig is right here. But I was like, ‘I’m not gonna have time to put the wig on. Whoever they are, they’re gonna have to get a little scarf today.’ So how are you?” Hall, 51, has had a long and celebrated track… Read more
The English Poet John Donne said, “Death comes equally to us all” (true) and “makes us all equal when it comes.” Mmm, questionable. I’m guessing Donne wasn’t fat, ’cause it turns out, the typical Western rituals around death and burial can be challenging for fat folks and their families, and are often more expensive, too. Caitlin Doughty, of “Ask a Mortician” fame and a major player in the death-positive movement, first hipped us to this, and here, she walks us through what fat people, and those who love them, should… Read more
Ring the alarm! Beyoncé has surprised fans and hinted at a world tour for her album Renaissance scheduled to begin in the Summer of 2023. On Saturday, October 22, Variety reports that at the WACO Theater‘s Wearable Art Gala, the singer auctioned off a package that included two tickets to one of her upcoming concerts a year from now. Although she hasn’t officially confirmed that a tour will take place, fans are ecstatic and shared pictures of the auction online. Beyoncé confirmed a Renaissance summer 2023 world tour at… Read more