A New Documentary About the First Ladies Might Actually Make You Want to Watch C-SPAN - BUST

C-SPAN has a pretty cool Presidents Day gift for us all. The network, along with the White House Historical Association, is producing a year-long series of documentaries about the first ladies of America. Each woman will have an episode devoted to her life, beginning with Martha Washington on February 25th and finishing up with Michelle Obama in February 2014, with a special preview episode airing tonight at 9 p.m.

Mark Farkas, an Executive Producer at C-SPAN, is especially interested in how each first lady has influenced policy and legislation with the power of her position. And though the series will surely touch on the sensational elements of these women's legacies, the producers seem much more interested in exploring the less talked-about aspects of their stories. 

This is the first series of its kind, focusing on first ladies both popular and lesser-known. For all you history buffs, these documentaries promise to be chock full of fascinating stories, excerpts from journals and correspondences, and interviews with the six living first ladies. (Personally, I want to hear more about the time Lady Bird Johnson blasted her husband's public speaking ability in a call to the Oval Office.) Check out the series trailer below:

And here's Michelle Obama on the First Ladies she relates to the most:



Source: WTOP

Videos via Youtube

Photo via NNDB.com


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