Truly Gifted: The Brooklyn Sampler - BUST

I recently moved from Brooklyn to Los Angeles, and while I now have an abundance of sunshine and tacos, I miss my ol’ stomping grounds something fierce, particularly all of the indie businesses and locally made goods. So when Brooklyn Based’s Brooklyn Sampler: Winter Wonderbox Edition arrived last week—featuring a handful of awesomeness from local purveyors—it was like getting a little magical box o’ BK, just the hit I needed to carry on my merry California way. So, if there are any Brooklyn lovers in your life, whether they live there or not, a Brooklyn Sampler makes a pretty sweet gift. It’s got an intoxicatingly aromatic bag of Brooklyn Roasting Company coffee, a holiday card from PostScript Brooklyn (do you see a theme here?), a sample of Dalaga perfume that even non-perfumey people will like, a skinnyskinny lip balm that my bf already stole, and one of the most delicious-tasting chocolate bars that has ever hit my lips. I’m not kidding. I saved the PB&J Tumbador chocolate bar so I could savor a treat during my nightly Breaking Bad watching (I’m on season 3 and OMG, WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN??), but that shit was gone before the theme song was over and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. There aren’t a whole lot of Brooklyn Samplers left (limited-edition, yo!), but for $15 you can nab one yourself right here.