Review: Junior Boys | It's All True - BUST

Are you ready to get blipped and bleeped until your jeans tight-roll themselves? Because Junior Boys' fourth album, It’s All True, (Domino) will probably make you think you’re live on Dance TV. The Canadian duo blends spaced out synths with a bevy of ’80s-inspired melodies and sensitive vocals. Junior Boys singer Jeremy Greenspan nails some lovely high notes on the pouty tune “Banana Ripple,” and I swear I heard the song “A Truly Happy Ending” years ago in the movie Mannequin. Some cosmic tracks, such as “The Reservoir,” are relaxed, dreamy things while others, such as “Itchy Fingers,” move like all get out. I'm just going to let this album's sexy beats and catchy harmonies carry me to outer space like a Martian wearing shoulder pads and dropped crotch pants. [Whitney Dwire]