Built by Wendy Fall o9! - BUST

BBWdressbkpantThursday night I went to see the Built by Wendy Fall collection and it was beautiful. With a mix of super short wool dresses and skirts and sleek pants, the vibe was part sexy librarian with a little mod kick for good measure. I really loved the tweed pants and jeans with the little tie at the bottom, sort of a reined in harem pant, but much more utilitarian than hippie. I also was digging the print D'Urberville dresses and tops which had a chic vintage look. A few of Wendy's influences for this collection were Roman Polanski's Tess and the photography of Guy Bourdin, so you know you are in good company! I always love Wendy's designs, and am happy that in these stressful times I can still get excited about clothes and get lost in a little fashion reverie.

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