Sit Ubu, Sit - BUST

I'm not a dog owner, nor do I play one on TV, but I'm obsessed with the Animal Planet show "It's Me Or the Dog." Partially it's because I'm a sucker for seeing dogs misbehaving adorably, but I also have a massive girl crush on the show's resident trainer, Victoria Stilwell. She's like a tiny package of cranky British sternness, administering verbal beatdowns to dog owners insane enough to do things like feed their pets ice cream cones every afternoon (an actual example). Stilwell even dresses the part—she's usually in some getup that's half-equestrian, half-Dominatrix. But for all her dictatorial behavior, you can still tell she's a die-hard animal lover who just wants to see the dogs healthy and happy. I give "It's Me Or the Dog" both of my thumbs up. Now somebody hand me a puppy to hug.

It's Me or the Dog
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