Oh Erin, say it ain't so!


Fierce single mom turned justice-crusader/biopic inspiration Erin Brockovich (now Brockovich-Ellis) was arrested on Friday for driving her boat when she shouldn’t have been.

A state wildlife and game warden on Nevada’s Lake Mead noticed her struggling to dock it, and discovered she was a bit too tipsy to be steering the boat in the first place. In his words, she “exhibited several signs of an intoxicated boater.” I bet you didn’t expect to read that sentence today.


Erin was arrested for operating under the influence (OUI) after a blood alcohol test revealed she was driving at "substantially" over .08 percent; twice the legal limit.

She was taken into the Clark County Detention Center near Las Vegas and booked with a particularly unflattering mugshot before being released on $1000 bail. Thankfully nobody was injured throughout this whole ordeal.


Thanks to DNA.com. Photo via The Huffington Post.