We’re right in the thick of this ongoing Abercrombie & Fitch fat-hate – the sizeist comments keep coming – but never fear! Jes from TheMilitantBaker.com has the best response yet.


Jes reimagined Abercrombie ads using her own size 22 body, pairing her so-called “unpopular kid” self with a “cool kid” in a hodgepodge of sexy poses. She dedicates the shots, along with an eloquent open letter, to Abercrombie C.E.O. Mike Jeffries.

“You created an opportunity to challenge our current social construct,” she writes. “My hope is that the combination of these contrasting bodies will someday be as ubiquitous as the socially accepted ideal.”

Of course, smart lady that she is, Jes also says she’ll take cash if Jeffries wants to buy her out of wearing his clothes, to 'protect' his brand's image. What’s more, she dares the “ostentatious dick” himself to pose shirtless with a hot fat chick to redeem himself among the fat crowd. I’ll take the hot fat chick, but I really don’t want to see a topless Mike Jeffries. Tell me I’m not alone!

Jes, however, looks smokin’ in nothing but cutoffs, a tee, and tattoos (I spy Frida Kahlo!). She knows she’s sexy, and it shows. Take a look.





See the full set at TheMilitantBaker.com. And if you liked these, check out another sexy Jes working it ad-busting style, this time for the ableist haters.


Images via TheMilitantBaker.com.