As if you didn't already love this celebrated funnydude, Galifianakis has gone and proved himself the biggest sweetheart in Hollywood. At tonight's premiere of The Hangover III, the comedian will be escorted by Elizabeth "Mimi" Haist, a woman he rescued from homelessness two years ago. Although she's accompanied Galifianakis to premieres in the past, we've now got the lowdown on the details of their friendship.


It all started when Galifianakis moved to Los Angeles in 1994. He met Haist, 87, while she was volunteering at his local laundromat, Fox Laundry. Haist was previously married but had been by herself for the last 30 years. The two became close friends over time, but Galifianakis stopped using the laundromat after the first Hangover movie garnered so much attention and success. About two years ago, however, Galifianakis learned that Haist had been staying with friends night to night and living off of her tips at the laundromat, so he took action. He found her a one-bedroom, one-bath apartment and started paying her rent and utilities.

Since the two first met, Haist has fully enjoyed attending premieres with the comedy star, like The Hangover Part II and The Campaign. She says a friend helps with her makeup and Galifianakis picks her up in a limo. “All the fans were taking photos and I waved at them, I said, ‘They don’t know who I am!’” she said in amusement. “Afterwards, they have a party at somewhere close by and you meet the stars. I drink lemon drop martinis with Grey Goose vodka.”

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Haist has made new friends since meeting Galifianakis, including Galifianakis’ wife, Bradley Cooper, and Renée Zellweger. Zellweger furnished Haist’s one-bedroom apartment and continues to buy her groceries. If none of this made you go DAWWWW then maybe you need to stare at some cat gifs for awhile or something. Here’s to hoping even more celebs follow these A-listers’ humble example of generosity and basic not-letting-fame-go-to-your-headedness. 

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