“Vaginas are power!”

“You can’t just leave your dog at the gay bar”.


These are snippets from the upcoming web series Kelly & Lindsey Do New York. By these two quotes alone you can tell it is going to be amazing.


Former BUST Intern and all-around hilarious babe Lindsey Gentile has teamed up with her best friend Kelly Wallace-Barnhill to produce a five part series about surviving in the Big Apple without having to try. The duo write, produce, and star in the project.

In Kelly & Lindsey’s own words, the series is about  “two sexy, off-beat twenty-somethings who live in New York and who will do just about anything to find fame, fortune, and true love. (But they’ll settle for a little recognition from Kareem at the bodega, enough money to pay rent, and mediocre sex from the bartender down the street.) Think Bridesmaids meets 2 Broke Girls except this is the real 2 Broke Girls, not the LA sitcom version. (And seriously … we’re broke).”

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“So, yes: we are the real New York City 2 Broke Girls looking for a little 'Sex in the City,'" they continue. "We are trading in our Manolos for Toms (wait- who are we kidding, we never had Manolos in the first place), teaching children’s cooking classes and guiding Sex and the City tours to make rent (and then being too exhausted to pursue our real dreams), and looking for love (but getting peed on by homeless men instead-yes, that really happened). And we’re pretty sure we’re going to die alone, but at least we'll have each other."

Check out the trailer:

The first episode will be released on 4/20 in New York at Leftfield Bar (87 Ludlow St, Manhattan) from 7:00pm to 10:00pm. If you live in New York, please come along and support some awesome DIY talent!

The first episode of five-episode web series will go live at 8pm via their website www.kellyandlindsey.com and the rest will be released every two weeks. 

Here is some more Kelly & Lindsey fun for you, courtesy of The New York Times.

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