Hillary Clinton Explains Why America Needs Marriage Equality


Hillary Clinton’s been pretty much perfect since High School. So it’s no surprise that Clinton’s using her free time to advocate on behalf of LGBTQ rights and marriage equality. While any other recently retired Secretary of State might have peaced out on an awesome vacation or taken a really long nap, Hillary recorded this video for the Human Rights Campaign instead. In the video, she cites a phrase she used during her time as Secretary of State: “Gay rights are human rights.” She goes on to explain how marriage equality is a crucial right, and how America, in supporting gay rights, can and will act as a moral beacon for the rest of the world. Hillary then stresses the alignment of her personal and political views on this topic. While she personally believes that every human being should be allowed to marry the person they love, she also insists that marriage equality is a political necessity. Citing the struggles of the Civil Rights and Women’s Rights movements, Clinton applauds the relatively swift progress of the LGBTQ movement, while still acknowledging that there is work to be done, both in America and throughout the world. In summation, she declares, “I believe that America is at its best when we champion the freedom and dignity of every human being.” That’s our girl. 



Via Upworthy, Image via The Washington Post

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